Women earrings, the symbol of femininity. This season, earrings are heavy, bold. From architectural to cosmic, these are the kind of earrings designed for lazy commuters like me who love nothing more than wearing a white tee, vintage jeans and a red lip to a fancy event. In fact, rather than investing in new outfits this season, I feel like investing in ear candy is going to be my way of giving new life to well-worn wardrobe favorites and trusted uniforms. Los Angeles-based jewelry designer and housewares curator Sophie Buhai’s earrings are at the top of my list right now.

Wearable earrings

Sculptural and raw, I’m obsessed with her face earrings and those wobbly, elongated flat creoles. Annisse Kermiche and Charlotte Chesnais are other favourite designers to pay attention to and great designers to invest in right now. Elsewhere, Mango makes beautiful women’s earrings while Anthropologie may surprise you… I’ve put a bunch of other options below that I love (including more affordable ones). This is the jewelry that best fits my personality. They will be by definition refined.

Creoles, my favorite

You have to admit that creoles are like inseparables. They were my first pair when I was little. Over time, the hoop earrings have also evolved. These hoop earrings literally dress up your face because they are dangling, with a variable length depending on the designer. For my part, I like them gilded with fine gold because I have a lot of trouble with fancy earrings in general. But these rings offer a real visual asset. I had my ears pierced as a child, I think I was still a baby actually. Since then, they are for me, precious. Their clasp is still very classic but I think that’s what I like most of all.

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An earring

You just have to close the hook behind the ear and they will make an effect even if they are rather discreet. There are some set with precious stones but I’ve never had one unfortunately. The only originality I have known is to have some with tassels. A pair of fancy earrings, original, no?

What kind of earrings do you wear?

It is the woman jewellery by definition. The perfect gift, these earrings jewelry. I admit that the gold earrings are my dada. A nice gift to receive with women’s earrings that will sublimate you. A case for the women. These earrings are sober, glamorous. Geometrical, these gold jewels can be set with fine stones, these oval rings are worn for all occasions. They embody femininity and can be twisted, sometimes. They remain my favorites among all the earrings which exist (Let tempt you by a hanging earring, a golden earring

Gold earrings, diamond earrings, feather earrings, chip earrings, clip earrings, pearl earrings, sleeper earrings, stems).

Gifts, sentimental value

They will create a sophisticated effect, in precious metals or charms to accessorize your outfits. They will be timeless in a way. Mounted, openworked, adorned, these jewels for women will allow you to make your ear jewels shine and to dress your face. These original earrings can be in yellow gold, white gold, multi-carat gold plated or even silver earrings will make their effect to sublimate you.

Elegant earrings


is the jewel to wear these earrings woman. They can be worn with blue topaz, cultured pearls, sapphires, rubies, diamonds, amethyst, coral, emerald, they will literally dress the earlobe. With the Tahitian pearl, these earrings are armed with novelty and strass. What to wear these studs at any time. For me, it is this jewel that we keep forever. My grandmother gave me a pair of dangling earrings that I will keep forever. While a pendant or a ring are more impersonal, moreover, I prefer in general, the fancy jewel, easier to wear. Especially we can take them on a trip without any fear of theft or loss. We slip them in the suitcase

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