RATP The Bonjour RATP application integrates new features

A few weeks after rebranding – and rethinking – its mobile application, RATP is adding new urban mobility options. Users can now book an electric scooter, thanks to the agreement with Tier, unveiled last June.

The diversification of RATP’s mobile offering was already illustrated during the summer by opening the application to VTC reservations, via an agreement with Marcel. And it will take on even more substance next year by joining forces with another player in micro-mobility: Lime electric bikes and scooters will join the Bonjour RATP catalogue in 2022.

In concrete terms, after indicating their destination on the mobile application, users will be offered the various options available, including electric scooters located nearby. Bonjour RATP also indicates the battery level of the scooters. All the user has to do is get on their bike, scan the QR code and get to their meeting place.

Florian Guillemin

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