BCD Alert BCD Travel announced the launch of the BCD Alert application on 17 November.

Global security does not stop at 5pm

“: this is the implacable observation on which the launch of BCD Alert was based, announced on 17 November by the business travel agency. A new mobile application that targets the duty of care, offering an additional solution to travel managers and security officers. Based on TMC booking data and on alerts that can be triggered at any time internationally, the managers concerned are notified via their smartphone, with a list of potentially exposed travellers. BCD Alert then allows them to quickly contact these travelers via SMS, e-mail or telephone to inquire about their situation. The goal is to quickly communicate with various travelers, while specifically targeting those whose itinerary includes the destination affected by the event.

BCD Alert

BCD Alert is an example of our overall strategy to provide targeted information to travel managers based on specific criteria,” said Woody Tatum, vice president of travel data and insights. ” The proactive alerts delivered in real time, whether it’s a security incident, a supplier issue or a spending limit, serve as a virtual tap on the shoulder to take action

,” he continues.

Florian Guillemin