Aegean By 2025, all of Aegean’s Airbus A320neo and A321neo aircraft will be connected to in-flight wi-fi

Seven of Aegean’s aircraft are now equipped with an in-flight wi-fi offering provided by Deutsche Telekom and Display Interactive, the airline announced Wednesday. Aegean has thus initiated a plan to modernize its Airbus fleet, which should be finalized in 2025, when all of the airline’s Airbus A320neo and A321neo aircraft will be connected.

Like most airlines, Aegean has developed its connectivity offer through different packages, depending on the needs – and budgets – of passengers. The free version, called “try before you buy”, gives access to a 10-minute trial period. To continue browsing online, checking emails or WhatsApp messages, travelers will have to subscribe to the “text and surf” offer, or even to the “streaming” package to access online videos or audio files. Note that frequent business travelers will be offered various benefits. For example, Aegean offers the streaming package to all Business Class passengers. Gold members of the Miles+Bonus frequent flyer program will be offered the “Text & Surf” package for free.

Similar benefits will be offered to other categories of passengers

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the most advanced in-flight broadband in Europe

Already promising ” the most advanced in-flight broadband in Europe “, Aegean CEO Dimitris Gerogiannis explains: ” This step is part of our ongoing efforts to develop Aegean’s service offering for our passengers and strengthen our competitive position, which is particularly important in the current pandemic context that is shaking up the air transport sector “. The health crisis would therefore – also – have changed the relationship with in-flight connectivity, as Philippe Carette, President of Inmarsat Aviation, also testifies: ” Our European Aviation Network in-flight broadband offering has seen strong demand from passengers over the past year, with usage rates significantly higher than before the pandemic. We are delighted that it is available on Aegean flights, as part of the airline’s impressive efforts to deliver a world-class passenger experience


Florian Guillemin