Are you looking for an original destination for your next vacation, opt for the polar regions. Indeed, these territories impress with their virgin landscapes and endless glaciers. To get closer to them, go aboard a ship that offers all the guarantees of an exceptional cruise

. To this end, Le Commandant Charcot is recommended for the most demanding. Discovery, comfort, inspiration, surprises and sharing: the crew of this new flagship of the Ponant fleet has a whole host of new experiences in store for its passengers. What can you really expect on this voyage to Antarctica and the Arctic? Pourquoi découvrir absolument les régions polaires à bord du Commandant Charcot ?Pourquoi découvrir absolument les régions polaires à bord du Commandant Charcot ?Why discover the polar regions aboard Commandant Charcot?

An eco-responsible exploration

Baptised at the end of last September, Le Commandant Charcot offers much more than an adventure in the frozen regions. Before disembarking in the heart of the glaciers, the Ponant Group made sure to minimize theenvironmental impact of this expedition

. To do so, the ship is equipped with an ecological engine running on liquefied natural gas. In addition, at the start of the cruise, all passengers are made aware of the IAATO and AECO recommendations. The aim is to encourage them to preserve the wildlife of the localities visited. In addition, the floating vessel is built in such a way as to preserve the life of the animals, thanks to its seabed detector.

A cleverly designed setting

By offering yourself an adventure in the Antarctic or the Arctic, on board the boat Le Commandant Charcot, you will enjoy unequalled comfort. Indeed, the construction of this ship took six long years during which creative designers collaborated. Their goal was to offer safety, pleasure and emotion to the passengers. This vision, which is in line with that of the Ponant Group, has enabled them to create a luxurious setting. Thus, the interior of this latest liner

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generation is specious and well-lit. It can accommodate 245 passengers in 123 cabins, including Deluxe and Prestige suites. All these rooms have a private balcony, from which you can admire the cryosphere. Ponant’s luxury icebreaker also has a winter garden, sports and massage rooms. This space has been designed to promote the well-being of travelers throughout the cruise.

Restaurants for a taste of high-end gastronomy

Polar exploration on board the Commandant Charcot is not limited to the discovery of glaciers and marine life. You will also have the privilege of sublimating your palate with the magnificent recipes of the famous chef Alain Ducasse. The “Nuna” restaurant is recommended for those who love healthy treats, while “Sila” is ideal for a delicious buffet. Cruisers will also be pleased with the variety of drinks offered at the “Inneq” bar. Michel Jurek, Florent Delfortrie and Baptiste Regnault, who orchestrate this team of cordon-bleus, ensure that the service is of impeccable quality.

A better knowledge of the polar ecosystem

In addition to the change of scenery it guarantees to travellers, Ponant also refines their general culture. With this in mind, its latest ship takes on board scientists employed in its two specialized laboratories. They are in charge of organizing participatory workshops and giving lectures on themes related to the geography of the polar regions. On these occasions, travellers learn more about the characteristics of this very special ecosystem. They also learn how to collect scientific data that can be used by experts and how to better protect the poles.

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Naturalist guides for an unforgettable immersion

In addition to the 215 crew members of Commandant Charcot who take care of the passengers, Ponant collaborates with 23 local nature guides. Each of them leads a group of 10 visitors. After disembarking, the role of these ” mushers ” is to direct you to the most pleasant sites to contemplate. During this trip, tourists have time to meet the locals and discover the particularities of the Inuit culture.