That’s it: The holidays are approaching. Whether it’s for a getaway in the south of France or in the mountains of the Alps, it doesn’t matter… Maybe you’ve even planned a trip to the USA? An incredible itinerary between glaciers, waterfalls, canyons, mountains, deserts, cliffs and coast. In any case, it will be an ideal place for road trips. To be able to enjoy it fully, prior preparation is essential. Every aspect of this exciting trip will be considered a real success. The checklist will be very useful, so you will not forget anything.

Que prendre pour un road-trip ?Que prendre pour un road-trip ?What to take for a road trip?

Experiencing a fabulous journey

Seeing the great national parks embodies a form of American dream, so we pack our bags immediately for the beautiful roads of the California Coast. Maybe you will have a camper van, you already see yourself on these mythical roads. A change of scenery is mandatory. So before leaving to visit the national parks and discover incredible panoramas, we said to ourselves that it would be good to make a general rehearsal in France. For that, you will have to organize a circuit, prepare the country of destination. Of course, the American side is the perfect example of an American trip, but you can also cross France by road and organize your own trip. So what are the similarities between American and French territory?

Landscape and wide open spaces

A feeling of immensity will take you from the moment you contemplate the wide open spaces whether in France or elsewhere. Your itinerary will lead you to breathtaking views, fabulous vistas. For that, check out Instagram to see some of the magical photos. If you’re planning a trip to the American West, you’ll need to have travel insurance, so if it’s your first trip to France, make sure you’re up to date on all the necessary documents in case you have a problem. We plan our health card as if we were going to the American West Coast.

Going on a trip

There are also great parks in France. You can discover the majestic plateaus of Aubrac for example… To make a trip to the American West is to visit the west of the Usa with breathtaking landscapes. Plan to join the fabulous must-sees in Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur. A trip to the American west will allow you to visit the mythical west coast most certainly. Then why not join the south of France, the sea will be there too. You will be able to contemplate extraordinary sunsets too. Hiking will be part of the program. Prepare your itinerary in advance if you want to make a road-trip. You will appreciate the organization. So prepare

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planning its itinerary in advance will be a big step towards escape.


Obviously, a road trip requires a long drive to reach the attractions listed here. First of all, you need to book a car rental service. Preferably, a sporty vehicle will be perfect, capable of navigating the most demanding roads without faltering. Whichever method you choose, the most important point is the fuel consumption. In order to go on a roadtrip without breaking the bank, you need to choose the most interesting car. Comparing discounts on rental cars will help you make the best choice. You’ll feel like you’ve reached the end of the world

Discovering the wonders of a region

Given the beautiful scenery that travelers can get, the south of France is an ideal place for road trips. To fully enjoy it, advance preparation is essential. Every aspect of this exciting trip will be considered a real success. The checklist will be very useful to make sure you don’t forget anything.
Plan your car hire in advance, which is essential for admiring the treasures of your itinerary.

Plan your equipment

Bien équiper son véhiculeBien équiper son véhiculeEquip your vehicle well

An electric bike carrier: To discover the forests and the magnificent landscapes of the south of France, use a bike carrier to transport your own bikes for example. Practical and robust, this installation is perfect for keeping your bikes ready for use. Or, for ski enthusiasts who want to discover the most beautiful parts of the Alps, you can equip the car with a ski rack to bring your own skis. When the boot of a car becomes too small, installing a roof rack is a definite advantage. Once it is secure, you can install the roof luggage, the bike rack or the ski rack. Rameder

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offers a series of roof racks that are easy to install, quick, robust and at the best price.


If you want to go camping: A duvet to face the temperatures. It’s always great to be able to camp in beautiful natural areas. You should therefore bring your tent, sleeping bag and all the equipment you need to move in under the best conditions. Therefore, a space must be provided for all these devices in the luggage compartment. Some things can be cleverly added to the roof box and only used when needed.

If you’re ever planning a weekend at a beautiful resort, you’ll find plenty of ideas on this travel blog. You can also check out our travel magazine. You’ll love being able to customize your

or your hotel room. So why not pack a candle in your luggage?

Eating well

Taking care of meals: There are several solutions for eating on the go. Some food can be taken in the car and eaten on the road. However, it is recommended that everyone stops for dinner in the picnic area to avoid dirtying the rental car. To find the best restaurant on the road, your trip must be properly organized. A route map or GPS will be very helpful in directing you to the best table in the area. They will help you to find a small address that will make this road trip more exciting. To save money, you can also bring a travel kitchen set. However, it is very convenient to make hot rice, but you need to provide a space to place this equipment. A large vehicle should be selected to calculate these extra equipment.

Attention to hygiene

Driving in the sun can cause the vehicle to heat up quickly, which can be difficult. In order to feel good throughout the road-trip, wipes will be very nice. But if you are staying in a hotel, taking a shower or washing your clothes will obviously be a must. Travellers who want to discover parks and forests while paying attention to hygiene will be delighted to find solar showers. Allowing complete autonomy, this invention represents a real revolution for road trip enthusiasts. Very adapted to the sunny south of France, this shower can be easily operated. For the health of sportsmen, it is also necessary to provide several pairs of socks. Each activity has a pair of shoes, and travelers can hike and eat in restaurants.

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Preparing for your trip

Also consider packing a medicine kit. This will save you a trip to the pharmacy if you get sick. For a safe trip, bring bandages, you never know if you’ll have a little fall. You should also bring sun cream because in the Alps, the sun hits you hard. So, just slip a sun cream into your travel bag. Packing a suitcase implies not to clutter up your suitcase. Of course, between the sandals and the trainers, the things to be prepared will pile up and you could get stressed if you are not organised.

Advice to travellers

Planning the things to put in your big bag when you leave for a family trip, will allow you to leave serenely. To do this, you will most likely need to save space in the suitcase. Preparing a trip implies knowing what to put in the suitcase: Between towels, underwear and the essentials, your suitcase will have a weight limit to keep. Don’t forget your charger too, even if you prefer to travel light.