Wellness appointments at the Hôtel de Crillon. Far from the daily stress and hectic pace that Parisians are confronted with, theHôtel de Crillon and Spa Director Marlène Belvalette invite their guests to monthly wellness appointments that rethink the relationship with the body. Through various sports, well-being and beauty techniques, the hotel palace offers an essential reconnection with oneself and one’s body. Complementary techniques, both psychological and physical, that everyone can experiment with in their own way and according to their needs to (re)find inner harmony: discovery of kundalini yoga, a conference on etiotherapy, innovative anti-ageing techniques or a boxing workshop are on the programme.

Wellness area

The aim of these wellness events is to offer you a few moments of relaxation. To recharge your batteries and discover these revolutionary methods in the treatment rooms for the body and mind in these bubbles of well-being that is the Thalasso spa of the Crillon hotel. Everything will be screened for a moment of cocooning in weightlessness: spa treatments, balneotherapy, balneotherapy, herbal tea, facial modelling, body treatments, relaxing massages, wraps, hot stone massage, scrubs, beauty treatments, facials, chromotherapy, wraps, hydrotherapy, foot reflexology, scrubs… In short, all of these rituals with undeniable benefits for your well-being and for immediate fitness. The Zenspa hotel will spoil you with these appointments!

Taking care of yourself

For this, nothing could be easier, just make a sensory appointment. No bathrobe, no towel in the resort for this timeless interlude in this spa centre. The opportunity to learn more about letting go to acquire a good dose of wellness. Because the goal is clearly posted to allow you to reach serenity during a fitness, to recharge your batteries, to relax in this relaxing space. Everything to free yourself from muscular tension and regain your vitality! It will also be an opportunity to fully pamper yourself. A source of resourcefulness that will allow you to take full advantage of these seaside activities.nces with these wellness treatments.

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Spa and wellness

A moment of escape to rethink your well-being, these are the main issues of these wellness appointments led by wellness experts. Different range of treatments will be studied in the relaxation area. An escapade not to be missed in this luxury spa which will be transformed for the occasion into a haven of peace dedicated to relaxation. Reserve your time immediately with these group and personalized classes in the spa area to be relaxed. Make an appointment in this wellness spa for your well being and spa to evacuate toxins and stay informed of new therapeutic protocols for your well-being.

November 19: Workshops on femininity and hormonal meditation

Talking about the female cycle, yoga session on the theme of feminine energy, prenatal swiss ball class and discovery of hormonal meditation. In partnership with Gynécée, the Maison de la Féminité and Stéphanie Kaye. 4 workshops of 15 people each between 9.30am and 5pm – Places available: 20 people

November 22 – Conference on etiotherapy with Vanessa Sonzogni

Etiotherapy is a body technique that allows us to approach the possible emotional origins of our internal conflicts in order to detach ourselves from them. Thanks to the objective interpretation of the energetic dynamics of the radial pulse, it offers an intimate journey to the discovery of repressed emotional memories, stabilized in our body. It is a human experience, a meeting of the self. Places available: 30 people

26 November – Conference with Dr. Federico Gonzales

We can age in a body much younger than our biological age. Anti-ageing medicine is based on solid scientific foundations and its most recent developments will be presented
. This participative, personalized, preventive and precision medicine combines a complete clinical evaluation with high-precision biological assessments and even genetic risk analysis. The objective is to give the patient, in addition to a life expectancy, a health expectancy. Conference from 5 to 7 pm – Places available: 30 people

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December 6 – Innovative anti-aging techniques

Conference with the creators of Jet Peel and Twin Slim about innovative anti-aging and slimming techniques. Dr Arnaud Petit, Plastic Surgeon will inform about the different techniques to preserve youth. Places available: 30 people

13 December – DIAIWAIE depolluting plants by Candice Vanhoorne

Discovery of depollution by plants with purifying species, perfect for the house or the office. Well-being and beauty workshops with Maison Caulières and Evidens de beauté will also animate this day. Perfect for Christmas shopping! Session from 11am to 6pm – Places available: 30 people