Waterdrop: a successful trial. Hydration is as important as nutrition, and many people don’t drink enough water. They don’t think about it, they forget the bottle in the bag or they don’t like water… And I am clearly one of those people. So I was intrigued by the concept of the brand Waterdrop which offers small effervescent tablets (Microdrink) to naturally flavor your water.

waterdrop gourd

The concept was invented “in the air” by a frequent traveler, the founder of Waterdrop, who found that drinks were too sweet every time he flew. So he came up with the idea of creating a portable, healthy and delicious drink, and that’s where the idea of microdrinks came from! I’m a big tea drinker and healthy, but I also drink sugary drinks (Coke Zero etc.) and the idea of substituting a flavored water bottle for certain needs and a variety of flavors in place of cans tempted me (it’s low calorie). So I received the discovery pack to test, so I could try the different flavors offered.


Concerning the microdrinks themselves, I think that the principle of these little cubes full of benefits is very interesting. It is very simple to use. Open the little box, put a cube in a bottle of water, and it will melt like an effervescent cube. The drink is not fizzy, but it tastes good! So go ahead and taste and pick your favorite flavors, in my case I love the peach flavor, the brightness of the mango flavor and the relaxation of the hibiscus. But overall, all the drinks were good and a good replacement for the usual sugary drinks.

waterdrop additives

I’m happy with my experience at Waterdrop, the price is correct since a pack of 12 micro drinks costs 6,99 euros, when we saw that a can of Coca-Cola costs about 2 euros, the calculation is quickly done! It keeps me hydrated for the summer and tomorrow I will order the flavors I like the most because I see the benefits of drinking water avoiding sugar and adding the “superfoods” that make these convenient drinks “healthy food”, focusing on each individual need.

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Waterdrop cube

The only downside I can find is that the small plastic film around the cubes could be more environmentally friendly in another material that is easier to recycle.

Waterdrop cube

The principle is simple: A small cube containing several quality ingredients, melts in water! This allows you to drink enough water, to act in an eco-responsible way by reducing packaging and plastic water bottles (now replaced by refillable glass bottles), and to be more environmentally friendly.eables), and of course, to make your drinks more fun while staying healthy. In short, we spice up our daily bottled water.

Waterdrop bottle

The particles called Microdrinks are deposited in a volume of water (still or sparkling) and are effervescent. They are sugar-free and contain natural fruit and plant extracts.

Waterdrop fragrances

Discover all the fragrances:

  • BOOST : blackcurrant, elderflower, açai
  • CLEAN : Plants, juniper berries, nettles
  • Defense : Cranberry, Musk Rose, Moringa
  • FOCUS: Lime, Baobab, Acerola
  • GLOW : Mango, prickly pear, artichoke
  • NERO : kola nut, guarana, activated charcoal, blackberry
  • RELAX : hibiscus, acerola, aronia
  • Youth : peach, ginger, ginseng, dandelion
  • ZEN : carambola, white tea, lemongrass

Waterdrop has different products:

  • Bottles (glass or stainless steel)
  • Microdrinks
  • Storage box for microdrinks
  • Glasses (steel, glass or porcelain)
  • Stainless steel straws
  • Shaker and ice cube tray

Waterdrop company

The brand also has boxed sets to find their more interesting products at attractive prices. Here are 2 sets, perfect to start your Waterdrop experience.

  • Complete discovery box: 1 glass bottle (color of your choice) with protective cover + 6 different flavors of microdrink (3 tablets/box).
  • Microdrink box: 6 different flavors of Microdrink (3 tablets/box).
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Discover more boxes according to your desires on their site.

waterdrop composition notice

Use these microdrinks in large quantities of water (800mL to 1L) or the taste will quickly become disgusting. Go for the discovery box (bottle + 12 microdrinks or 12 microdrinks only) to discover the range at an attractive price. Works well with still or sparkling water. Consume 1 microdrink per day. Overall, while I loved the youth microdrinks, I found the flavors of Boost more chemical. But then again, that’s a personal thing.

Waterdrop taste

  • Eco-responsibility: glass or stainless steel bottles with bamboo lids, stainless steel straws, steel/glass/porcelain glasses, bamboo microdrinks storage boxes…
  • Drinks flavored with fruit and plant extracts without calories. This drink can encourage some people to drink more water, awaken the palate, have a more pleasant taste, and the water is slightly carbonated.
  • Find different colors on their website to find a bottle that looks like yours
  • Protective cap provided with the bottle: avoids breakage and facilitates transport.
  • Adds vitamins B, C and E according to taste.

waterdrop negative review

  • No sugar, just a sweetenert, which is a shame because it keeps the addiction to sweetness going. If you drink one micro drink a day, it represents a cost, but if it is the “price” to drink more water and enjoy more water, why not?
  • If you want to test it, choose the micro in the form of a boxed set of drinks (the prices are more interesting). Everyone is free to consume and adjust his consumption taking into account his health! This post allows me to share my experience with you (rather than to convince you to buy these products), but whether you subscribe (or not) the concept is yours!

Waterdrop contact

To contact Waterdrop you can go on the website : www.waterdrop.fr

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Waterdrop point of sale


Val d’Europe, Serris

Pop Up Store Gare Montparnasse

Pop Up Store CAP 3000

  • Av. Eugene Donadeï 06700 Saint-Laurent-Du-Var, France

Waterdrop amazon

You can also find these waterdrops on general online stores like Amazon.

How to drink waterdrop ?

The waterdrop cube is very easy to use. At home, just put it in a large glass of water. When traveling or on the go, your bottle or flask of flavored microdrink will follow you to the end of the world!

Where is waterdrop made?

Waterdrop Microdrink, of Austrian origin and German manufacture, has been marketed for several days by the entrepreneur who founded the French subsidiary

Who created waterdrop?

“Martin Murray, founder and CEO of waterdrop®, has a long-standing interest in the largest water and flavored beverage companies.

How much waterdrop per day?

If your Waterdrink does not require a minimum of water to dissolve, the brand recommends 40 cl to 60 cl of water for optimal flavor delivery, and recommends consuming 2 to 4 cubic tablets per day. It is less than 20 kcal in total (4.4 kcal per cube).

What is in waterdrop?

  • BOOST: blackcurrant, elderflower, acai
  • CLEAN: Plants, juniper berries, nettles
  • Defense: Cranberry, Rose Hip, Moringa
  • FOCUS: Lime, Baobab, Acerola
  • GLOW : Mango, prickly pear, artichoke
  • NERO : kola nut, guarana, activated charcoal, blackberry
  • RELAX : hibiscus, acerola, aronia
  • Youth : peach, ginger, ginseng, dandelion
  • ZEN : carambola, white tea, lemongrass

Waterdrop images