A VPN is a software that every traveler should have on his mobile devices. I can already hear those who will tell me that they don’t need a VPN

, because they never download movies or TV series illegally. I would like to share with you an anecdote that happened to me several years ago. Being abroad, after sending an email, I had the bad surprise to receive an error message telling me that I was not allowed to send it. After some research, I found out that my operator was blocking emails from Asia on the pretext that spam was being sent from that part of the world.

Having your mailbox blocked is a real concern and at the time, VPNs did not exist. Lately, I had the same problem. Indeed, to relax, I took the habit of playing slot machines. I am therefore registered on the site Casino777 Swiss online casino

. When I tried to connect to the site, I received a message telling me that from the country I was in, I was not authorized to go to this site. It didn’t worry me more than that and it took me only 30 seconds to change the location with my VPN and be able to find my favorite gaming site. VPN L'ami du voyageurVPN L'ami du voyageurVPN The traveler’s friend

A VPN is what?

To put it simply, a VPN is a software that allows you to locate yourself in another country than the one you are in and therefore protects your data and your
movements on the net.

Protection for several devices

When you sign a contract with a VPN operator, it covers the protection of several of your devices. Most often, this ranges from 5 to 7 devices. You will be able to secure with the same contract your equipments like desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet and you should still have additional devices to equip like your husband’s mobile or your children’s.

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The main interests of VPN when traveling

When waiting for a flight in an airport, to avoid going every 5 minutes in front of one of the information screens that will tell you your boarding gate, we most often connect to the airport website through the free wifi. Computer security experts will tell you that this is a very bad idea, because it is very easy to retrieve information contained on your mobile. Thanks to your VPN your connections on public wifi networks are protected. You can unblock sites and services that you can’t access otherwise. In some countries, you can go to

r sites that are perfectly allowed in your home country can get you into trouble. Since it’s not always possible to know the local laws, using a VPN can save you from trouble.

VPN pour voyager et cmmuniquerVPN pour voyager et cmmuniquerVPN to travel with peace of mind Pixabay


You have to suspect that if VPN service providers want to increase their number of customers and avoid having to deal with any problems that customers might
encounter when installing their software

, they have a vested interest in making it as user-friendly and simple as possible, and that’s what happens.