Volotea Volotea has unveiled new flights from Deauville, Ajaccio and Toulouse, which will start in spring 2022.

The four new routes unveiled on January 26 by Volotea will start next spring. Unsurprisingly, the company is focusing on sunny destinations and leisure customers. But business travelers could also benefit from these new options. Indeed, Volotea plans to launch a new flight to Luxembourg

from Ajaccio. This route will make its debut on June 1. It will connect Corsica to Luxembourg twice a week, every Wednesday and Saturday. In total, Volotea will offer over 9,000 seats on this new flight. Volotea is now the second airline to fly to Ajaccio airport in terms of destinations, with eleven airports on the schedule.

Prior to this new flight, Volotea will also launch two new flights from Deauville airport. The latter will be linked to Palermo from April 15, then to Olbia from May 10. The frequency on these two routes will nevertheless be limited to one flight per week.

Finally, on May 15, Volotea will launch a flight between Toulouse

and Faro, with more than 8,500 seats. The two airports will be linked on Thursdays and Sundays. With 26 destinations departing from Blagnac airport – including eight domestic routes – Volotea is the leader in terms of destinations.

Florian Guillemin