WunderLocke, à Munich. WunderLocke, Munich.

“Don’t be confined to your apartments”: a new generation of urban residences is sending a very different message to travelers than their predecessors. Riding the lifestyle wave, Locke, Zoku and others are aiming to seduce young travelers in mind and body with lively bars and restaurants, coworking spaces and thoughtful design. ” Each Locke residence is made for living, not just sleeping

,” says Stephen McCall, CEO of the edyn group, owner of the Locke brand. This is a 180° turnaround compared to those establishments that have long emphasized the comfort of their fully equipped apartments. Home sweet homes” that were so practical and cozy that it was not necessary to leave them for dinner or work. And why would you leave, since the services offered by these residences were reduced to a minimum?

In the middle of the last decade, however, long-stay accommodation specialists began to open a more contemporary page in their history, under the impetus, for example, of Capri by Fraser, a “work & play” brand launched by Frasers Hospitality, or lyf, the lifestyle brand of the Ascott group, which took off in 2019 and is preparing to conquer Paris in 2024. The program includes a hybrid offering that combines classic rooms and apartments for coliving, a social kitchen and shared workspace, as well as meeting rooms. For its part, Adagio also decided to bring life to its lobbies with the unveiling in 2018 of its Le Cercle

concept, a social space organized around a shared kitchen, piano and foosball table, which has since been deployed in numerous establishments.

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However, in terms of services and experiences offered to their customers, some brands are now going even further. In London, for example, there is a microbrewery in the Kingsland Locke residence, while the Locke at Broken Wharf, located not far from the City, offers its customers a restaurant that provides a contemporary experience in terms of both food and décor. And what about the future WunderLocke which will open next May in Munich? It will have no less than four bars and restaurants, all designed by the founders of the Michelin-starred restaurant Mural, with a rooftop cocktail bar overlooking the Alps to top it all off. Not to mention a heated swimming pool and, business travelers oblige, a vast coworking space.

<img src=”https://www.voyages-d-affaires.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/locke-zanzibar.jpg” alt=”” width=”700″ height=”467″ />ZanzibarLocke in Dublin.

For its part, the first Zoku property in Amsterdam was voted “one of the 25 coolest hotels in the world” by Forbes, as much for its lively communal spaces as for the ingenuity of its loft-like studios. ” Each Loft is equipped with a full kitchen, a large table for four people to work, meet and eat, and a raised bed that can be easily hidden if you’re having a colleague or visitor,” describes Marc Jongerius, co-founder and CEO of the brand that appeared in Vienna and Copenhagen and is expected in Paris in the fall


To all these digital nomads who travel the world, Zoku wants to offer an ideal place to stay for a while and reconcile work and leisure. ” Moving to a new city for an extended period of time can be very lonely, so we make sure people feel at home as soon as they walk through our doors

,” he says. And that’s with social spaces – preferably rooftop – where customers and locals can meet, network and share ideas over coffee or a quick meal.

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In the same vein, Anglo-Saxon extended-stay brands have long made resident events a signature of their offerings. At Residence Inn, a Marriott brand, guests are invited to relax and break the ice over a beer or a glass of wine, an offering dubbed RI Mix. But with this new wave of lifestyle aparthotels, this desire to foster encounters expands by extending to the local environment, the entire neighborhood. We value the experience as much as the functionality,” says McCall. Within this framework, cultural activities play a key role in bringing our guests and the local population together

,” McCall emphasizes. Among the events created by Locke Residences in partnership with local creators and businesses are collage clubs, wildlife drawing clubs and floral design workshops.Des lofts de Zoku, au mobilier design et modulaire.Zoku lofts, with designer and modular furniture.

However, these new brands do not have a monopoly on lifestyle or experience. A historic player in the long-stay sector, such as Ascott, is part of this trend with its lyf brand. For example, at the future lyf Paris Gambetta residence, local players will be offered activities and events open to outside customers, and they will even be invited to organize them. In another style, last year’s opening of the <a href=”htt

ps://www.voyages-d-affaires.com/citadines-restauration-reunions-strasbourg-20210908.html” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Citadines Eurometropole Strasbourg shows that this brand can sometimes venture beyond the classic residential offer. This apartment-hotel offers a vast spa with an indoor swimming pool, a 100-seat restaurant and a meeting and seminar space that can accommodate up to 300 people. It’s a Citadines 2.0 of sorts,” says Ngor Houai Lee, Ascott’s European General Manager. The product itself remains within the Citadines’ long-stay standards with rooms with kitchenettes. The franchisee chose to add services around it, which is consistent with the location.”

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Appart’City’s Bistrot City restaurants have also chosen to adapt supply to demand, rather than demand to supply, by rethinking the concept of bistro cuisine based on local, home-made products. Launched several years ago, its network of restaurants now includes five residences in Montpellier, Lyon Part Dieu, Lyon Cité Internationale, Le Bourget and Ferney-Voltaire. ” We are not developing Bistrot City on existing sites, but rather on sites under development if the location for restaurants is appropriate,” says Emilie Sarda, Appart’City’s marketing and communications director. But how far can we go to avoid deviating from the fundamentals of the residential model?