Does Uber claim to be a super app, the all-purpose model already widespread in the Asian market? In any case, the American giant is getting closer to it year after year by diversifying its functionalities. And the latest initiative marks a major step in this process, especially for business travelers, as they will soon be able to book plane or train tickets via the Uber application. This summer will see the launch of a pilot project in the UK, which will see Uber integrate new means of transport: trains, rental cars and coaches will be involved, while waiting ” later this year ” for flight and hotel bookings to cover ” international door-to-door travel “.

Uber does not plan to start selling these services directly, but will favor partnerships with platforms whose APIs will be integrated. Partners that are still unknown, although Uber’s roadmap already plans to cover cross-channel rail connections… “Whether planning a city getaway or a home vacation, managing a business trip or an airport transfer, Uber will provide a simple and seamless service to meet all travel needs,” Uber officials assure.

We plan to incorporate flights, and in the future hotels, by integrating leading partners into the Uber app

“Everyone enjoys the freedom to organize their travel in an easy and convenient way, so we’re excited to become a one-stop shop for all your travel needs,” boasts Jamie Heywood, regional managing director, UK, Northern and Eastern Europe at Uber. ” For several years, you’ve been able to book car, bike, boat and scooter rides on the Uber app, so adding trains and coaches is a natural progression. Later this year, we plan to incorporate flights, and in the future hotels, by integrating leading partners into the Uber app to create a seamless door-to-door travel experience,” he adds.

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A small revolution for Uber, and for the travel industry, in which the advent of a giant from new technologies has been announced for several years. After advancing its pawns, notably with the Google Trips application or the Google Flights platform, Google has apparently failed to impose itself, the first tool having even been abandoned in 2019. Instead of launching its versatile travel platform, the Mountain View giant now finds itself supporting an airline and its own super app. Indeed, a five-year partnership comes to be announced between Google Cloud and AirAsia, to strengthen the Malaysian group’s application. ” With Google’s help, our ecosystem will not only be transactional, but will aim to create a community and enrich that community – not just customers, but also partners such as restaurants, airlines, hotels and drivers,” predicts Tony Fernandes, CEO of Capital A, the new identity of the conglomerate that integrates the AirAsia carrier.