Is this the return of business travel? ” This is the question posed by Uber through its study unveiled on September 27, dedicated to the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa). This is a debate that has been agitating all business travel professionals week after week, and to which the American giant intends to provide new answers, with figures to back it up. According to this new report, business mobility is well on the way to recovery. ” Business travel has increased considerably in Paris: the share of journeys via the Uber for Business solution for companies has risen by 64% since the beginning of the year,” say the authors of the study. They are even very confident, adding: ” Employees are moving away from working from home to the office and business meetings and professional lunches are definitely back in 2021 “.

French Uber users for business travel are the earliest starters in Europe

If the data collected by Uber is to be believed, French business travellers are the earliest to get to their business meetings. ” Contrary to popular belief, French Uber users for business travel are the earliest starters in Europe, with a peak journey time of 8am “. Paris would even stand out as the business destination in which professionals get to the office the earliest, and leave the latest. The end of the working day would be around 8pm, while the European average is limited to 6pm.

Another finding of the study is that Paris is once again a hub for business travel by air. Roissy airport is ranked second in the list of the most visited airports in the EMEA zone according to Uber. And the CDG hub is accompanied on the podium by… Orly airport. Only London Heathrow is ahead of the two Parisian gateways, in a list largely dominated by European airports. According to Uber, the trend is promising for Parisian skies: ” After a summer where Paris was among the most visited capitals by Uber passengers, the trend of travel to airports is confirmed. Trips to and from Paris airports have increased by nearly 40% over the past 4 months,” the authors of the report point out.

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Florian Guillemin