Who has never dreamed of discovering the hidden corners of the Nordic countries by travelling the roads? If you are looking for adventure but still want some comfort, I think I have found the trip for you: Nordic Nomads

! I’ll explain you all the details in the following article

Nordic Nomads,

what is it?

Nordic Nomads is a very cool concept. The idea is to go on a roadtrip during 7 days in a 4×4 in Norway or Iceland. On the program: nights under the stars, discovery of the most important places but also of secret places and the possibility to live unique experiences!


Two possible destinations


The itinerary goes almost entirely around the island and passes by the must-see places of the country: Diamond Beach, Vatnajökull or the Sólheimasandur Plane Wreck. By the way, I had already talked to you about it in this article.

This last place was a real slap for me so I can only recommend you to go there once in your life!

Ps: For Game of Thrones fans, the road even passes through some of the filming locations of the series!

If you want to discover the itinerary in more detail, I let you have a look right here

. Each day is detailed with the number of kilometers, the driving time and especially the places you will meet on your way. It gives you a good idea of what to expect!



In Norway, the route is about 1500 kilometers long, with an average of 200 to 300 km per day. Among the different places on the route, there are the fjords in Trollstigen and the Atlantic route. It is recognized as the most picturesque road in the world by the newspaper The Guardian, a real wonder for the retina!

The same as for Iceland, the itinerary is detailed here The


How can we get there?

The place of departure of the adventure depends obviously on the chosen destination. But in both cases, it is possible to book your flight directly with the agency, which is very convenient if you don’t have a car.

z don’t want to break your head!

For the trip to Norway, the flights are weekly and leave either from Amsterdam or Paris and arrive in Bergen. For Iceland, the flights leave from Brussels or Paris and go to Keflavik. The cost of a return flight to Iceland starts at 390€ per person and to Norway at 450€.

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It is also totally possible to go to your destination by your own means. In this case, the car can be picked up near Reykjavik for Iceland or in Bergen for Norway.

Once on site and whatever the destination, a “ranger” welcomes the participants to give them the keys of the vehicle, the roadbook and various information concerning the trip, the equipment, etc. He is also the contact point on the road. He is also the point of contact on site if there is any problem. Once the briefing is done, let’s go for 7 days of pure pleasure!

What is the Roadbook ?

The big plus of the concept is the Roadbook (literally “carnet de route” for those who did not listen well in English class).

In this booklet, you will find a lot of useful information to make your trip easier. First of all, as its name indicates, there are itineraries. There are 2 per day: a long one and a short one according to your desires. It’s really cool to have two possibilities because it allows you to adapt your trip according to the weather, the places to see or the time you want to spend on the road!

Of course, you can also find other information such as the addresses of the campsites and a lot of advices concerning the places to visit, the bars, the restaurants… There is also a VERY important information when you travel by car: the addresses of the gas pumps!

As a bonus, we also have a special roadtrip playlist. By the way, you know my love for music while traveling so if I can give you a piece of advice, listen to only one playlist during your whole adventure. When you’ll listen to it again later, it will bring back a lot of memories!


Where do we sleep?

Well, actually we sleep in the car, or more precisely on the car, in a roof tent!

But before looking at the tent, I’ll tell you about the car itself. In Norway, the trip is done on board of a hybrid car. And when you say hybrid car, you say economic advantage. Moreover, the 16,000 charging stations in the country make it super easy to charge the battery.

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Back to the main topic: the roof tent! It may sound a bit scary like that, but having already tried it, I can tell you that it’s really more comfortable than it looks. The good thing is that there are two types: the Pop-up Tent and the Adventure Tent. The first one takes only 30 seconds to unfold, ideal if you like adventure but not too much either. The second one takes a little longer to set up but is bigger than the first one.other. It’s up to you to choose the one you prefer

An important point: the sanitary facilities! Whether you sleep in the open air or in a campsite, sanitary facilities are provided for every night and that is really practical.

Besides, wild camping is allowed in Norway. It is therefore possible to stop when you want and especially where you want to enjoy a night under the stars!


What equipment should I bring?

The car is equipped with one of the two roof tents with all the necessary material to sleep well: mattress, bed sheets, pillows, sleeping bags, etc.

Inside, there is also all the equipment to cook and eat: stove with gas bottles, camping table and chairs, saucepan, plates, cups, water bottles… And finally, the essential element for a good roadtrip, a programmed GPS is available and allows to follow the itinerary very easily.

Even if the car is fully equipped, I have some little advices to give you. First of all, take warm clothes! Even if it’s summer, temperatures can drop quite low so it’s better to be careful and bring something to feel good. When you travel by car, you have few solutions to charge your electronic devices. So I can only recommend you to take with you an external battery. Believe me it will surely save your life at some point. Finally, you will also need to bring your cutlery and kitchen utensils as well as liners for sleeping bags.

What do we eat?

As I already said, the car is very well equipped, which means that it is totally possible to prepare food inside! Besides that, the roadbook also suggests some nice restaurants where you can try some local specialities.

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Another option is to book the Adventure Foodpack which offers 3 meals per day during the whole week of the roadtrip. The pack comes in the form of freeze-dried meals, super easy to prepare because you just have to add water (so if you are bad in cooking, no risk to miss them). The formula costs 95€ for the week, which I find really affordable when you know the prices on the spot.

When and how is it possible to participate in the adventure?

The adventure is open from June to September but I let you check the availability on the website because it varies according to the destination. By the way, it is important to know that a car can be rented for minimum 2 and maximum 4 people.

How much does it cost?

The basic price of this experience is 690€ per person. It includes:

    • Car rental (fuel not included),
    • The loan of the roof tent,
    • The loan of the cooking equipment,
    • The roadbook and the loan of the pre-programmed GPS,
    • The price of the campsites.

It is also possible to chooseor additional options such as round-trip airfare, insurance, foodpack or a lot of unique activities at low prices such as snorkeling between two tectonic plates or rafting on a Norwegian river!

To summarize :

Nordic Nomads is :

  • Seven days of roadtrip in one of the two proposed destinations: Iceland or Norway,
  • Nights under the stars in a roof tent,
  • The discovery of breathtaking landscapes off the beaten track,
  • The provision of a road book, a pre-programmed GPS and all the necessary equipment to live in the 4×4,
  • Additional options to enjoy the experience even more.

Dates : Departures are from June to September.

Cost: from 690€.

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