And you, what are your favorite travel magazines? Travel magazines are indispensable to me. For me, it’s the opportunity to travel comfortably from my sofa or my bed. The escape that begins. For me, it’s the beginning of the journey, the opportunity to find out about my next destinations. So I asked myself several questions to find out what you were reading: Yes, you! So check out our guide!

Discovering the ends of the world

Because in a few years, the number of travel magazines has increased like crazy. If from a professional point of view, I look at the magazine press with a careful eye, I still wonder a lot about your tastes and your travel desires. Of course, there is something for everyone: newspapers and magazines, e-books, travel books, road books, books, novels, travel guides, comics … I reveal my tastes and I hope to make you discover some of them maybe. The press in France is dense, so it’s not surprising to see the number of magazines increasing. Travels and stays are often in the spotlight in the favorite magazines of the French with prestigious press titles: Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire, Madame Figaro, Figaro Magazine, L’Express, Nouvel Obs often offer customized trips, luxury trips, short stays to beautiful destinations.

But I think we are often left on the sidelines. Exclusive trips that we would like to do but that we only consider. For holidays in the sun, you will have unique experiences: hotels, spa resorts… You will generally find travel tips for an exceptional trip, as paradise destinations are largely over-represented in the sections of these travel magazines.

Beautiful photos for beautiful reports

So when you create a new magazine, you have the right to ask yourself a number of questions about travel because it is difficult to find a different positioning. Finding new destinations? The globe being what it is, I believe that if there was a new destination to go to, journalists would talk about it. Whether it’s for an individual trip, a scouting trip, a prestigious luxury trip, the travel magazine usually suggests new destinations to explore on an individual trip to discover wonders. These magazines are often the occasion of beautiful photos in these paradisiac places. These bits of the world allow the publication of notebook, the publication to discover new destinations off the beaten track, new horizons.

Next trip ?

Are you planning a unique trip? Then read, inform yourself beforehand. Reading magazines is the best way to learn and discover. You like beautiful pictures ? Your budget is limited? These travel books allow these trips to be an invitation to escape: national parks, unforgettable wide open spaces, must-see addresses, gastronomy, resorts, art of living are all described in them. A change of scenery is mandatory with these cruises, its trails to explore, its good shots, its buses, itsof travel, its escapades. The traveller will be satisfied.

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This is the design publication par excellence. Here, everything is original, the layout ultra sleek, the content to the point, which makes a magazine captivating. Moreover, it is bilingual. I highly recommend it if you like good decorating addresses. Everything is refined and chic.

L’officiel voyages

I’ve been a fan of this magazine for a long time, it was one of my goals to write in it before creating Jet-lag Magazine. I loved everything, their style, the way they talked about a hotel. But unfortunately its publication stopped.


It’s an English magazine but I love this quarterly publication. They invite you to discover unique places, it’s pretty well written. I love their fashion and beauty section… In short, a great source of inspiration in itself.

The magazine, National Geographic Traveler

I think I’ve always subscribed to this monthly magazine. My mother had subscribed me for a birthday to this mythical mag, subscription to the quarterly magazine which was renewed. Their front page always offers an exceptional visual, and I think it’s my thing. I’ve always loved to see exceptional photos. For me, the top was the front page magazine with the look of a beautiful Afghan woman. But I reassure you, you will want to flip through the other 90 pages. They suggest classic road-trip destinations while inviting you to a unique discovery. And that’s still great.

Its price: 5,95 euros

The Magazine, National Geographic

This is a must-have! A real source of inspiration to discover new photographers. I think that’s what motivated me to become a journalist. Another anecdote when I entered journalism school, our first class was about what we wanted to do in the future. I think three-quarters of the class admitted that they wanted to be in the National Geographic magazine. I love their angles and the way they renew themselves without repeating themselves. And believe me it’s really hard. They know how to put forward classic travel destinations with original angles. Everything is well done, whether it’s a special issue or the regular issues.

Its price: 6.90 euros


Here again, we stay in the same vein with the desire to propose original destinations. Each time, I am bluffed by their photo. Places where you have been but you have never managed to highlight their beauty. I remember an issue of Geo in Ireland. At the time I was living in Ireland where I was working, my father came to see me and challenged me. We went and took all the photos in their magazine, just to try and find the points where they had taken their photo. Let me be clear: Ben, it’s far from easy. You have to walk around, walk and walk. I think I’ve got amy shoes in Connemara to redo their photo.

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The Others magazine

A magazine or rather a beautiful book focused on travel, gastronomy and adventure.

I love to read it even if sometimes I have a hard time to get hooked. Their podcast is a marvel of its kind. The advantage: you get stories in the true sense of the word. They tell original stories. Thanks to this magazine, you feel like travelling and going on an adventure. It doesn’t deal with current affairs and that’s great.

Its price: 16 euros, to order on their website

The magazine “Vacance” by Voyageurs du Monde

This is the biannual magazine launched by the travel agency Voyageurs du Monde. I must admit that I often cried when I saw it. I would dream of writing in it at least once. Their flaw: they only publish two issues per year. Well, you have to know how to read between the lines and the promotional side of the travel agency but honestly, it’s a very nice edition.

The advantage: it’s free

Its price: it’s free and you can order it online on the Voyageurs website or pick it up in one of the Voyageurs du Monde agencies.

Jet-lag Magazine

This is the magazine I created. There is probably a bit of bias. And no, you won’t find it in kiosks because it’s an investment that we can’t afford when we start. But we have to admit that we are often lacking inspiration to pack a suitcase. So it was obvious to me when I created it. Jet-lag Magazine is the fashion magazine of travel, in a way. Elle offers travel looks, but Jet-lag Magazine has been doing it since its number 0. The idea is not to copy the advice of those women’s magazines that I can’t afford any of the clothes they propose.

These issues of Jet-lag Magazine

The idea of Jet-lag Magazine was to suggest more than to impose. And they don’t talk about cool or uncool girls for the clothes they wear. That’s even the antithesis of our ethics. Our idea is to give LOOK ideas to women who travel. Once a year we publish a magazine dedicated to honeymooners, which is obviously very popular. Otherwise, we focus on tailor-made trips, cruises, islands, idleness, honeymoons… With these reviews of top-of-the-range hotels… With regular columns and special sections. The magazine is a quarterly medium that is available in print and digital versions online. We are already working on the new magazine.

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There are many subscription offers for a free period of time or for sale by number without commitment. Even though we are a small company (we don’t belong to a big press group), we have always given priority to quality! Paper subscriptions can take some time, the time of the paper version in general. It is therefore difficult to

We are trying by all means to maintain our editions, but the situation is complicated and we don’t know if it will last long. We are trying by all means to maintain our editions but the situation being complicated, we don’t know if it will last long.

Magazine Ici & Ailleurs


loved their first issue

, I admit I read less and less even if it is still very well done. In fact I have a little trouble understanding their positioning. It’s a magazine that travels the world and bears witness to it. I have to admit that 3/84 of the time, the information I find in it, I also find on blogs, which is a bit of a shame. Because they have a very nice layout for my taste.

Price: 7.50€, which makes it an expensive magazine. But hey, information has a price.

If I’m not a fan of this magazine

, I must admit that it makes you want to travel. Because it only offers the most beautiful destinations. The problem is that it is beautiful but inaccessible, in general. Otherwise, it’s very well written. I love their title in general.

Price: 14,00€. Very expensive.

In your comments, what are your reading finds?

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