Aérien New tools are emerging to help travelers get up-to-date information on international travel requirements and restrictions. For

the past two years, companies and business travelers have been faced with a real headache when it comes to managing their travel: travel requirements that differ from country to country, and that are constantly changing, oscillating between open and closed to varying degrees. The travel industry tries to guide them through this administrative maze, to be sure to cross this or that border with the appropriate documents. They can even cancel a trip if the constraints prove too burdensome, like the long quarantines imposed in certain Asian countries.

American Express GBT distinguished itself in the summer of 2020 with the launch of Travel Vitals, which provides up-to-date information on travel arrangements destination by destination. With the problem still unresolved at the start of 2022, Sabre is now tackling this headache. The Sabre SafePoint platform now includes functionality to track travel restrictions. The goal is to help travel agencies, corporate clients and travelers track new or relaxed restrictions


Keep travelers and business travel managers informed of critical events in a rapidly changing world

As the industry recovers, we believe that an alert and protection solution is imperative for any travel company, especially in a world where travel advisories can change rapidly,” said Saunvit Pandya, Senior Director of Product Management at Sabre. ” SafePoint is designed to keep travelers and business travel managers informed of critical events in a rapidly changing world. We are excited to work with our customers to provide them with products to better fulfill their duty to protect travelers


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In conjunction with the launch, another travel player also set out to reference regulatory developments that could affect the traveler. Ulysse announced Tuesday the launch of Travelnews. The French start-up specializing in airline ticket booking lists information by destination: degree of border opening, mandatory tests, quarantines, or even opening of public places. Ulysse relies on both official sources, in particular the website of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and on a review of the French and international press.

Florian Guillemin