BTSThe Business Travel Show surveyed travel managers to watch for the return of business travel

Looking for a light at the end of the tunnel, business travel players are looking for a deadline to hold on to to in order to see pre-crisis travel volumes return. The study published Tuesday by the BTS (Business Travel Show) may provide some answers. A total of 139 travel buyers were surveyed in March on a global scale. And half of them (52%) believe that 100% of travel volumes could have made a comeback by the end of 2024. In detail, there are a few buyers (8%) who are resolutely optimistic that business travel will make a comeback this year, 14% in 2023, and finally 30% in 2024. By way of comparison, in a previous survey conducted in September 2021, only 3% of travel managers were betting on 2022, and 11% on 2024. It should be noted that, without returning to pre-crisis levels, nearly half of buyers (48%) believe that 2022 will reach up to 59% of these volumes.

The study published by BTS also confirms the trend pointed out a few days earlier by CWT: the weight of restrictions and formalities that still surround international travel. This is the main reason for reducing business travel for a third of travel buyers (34%), twice as much as the need to reduce costs (17%). The reluctance of business travelers to return to the airport plays only a minor role (4%). Note that the use of videoconferencing (12%), sustainability (13%) and duty of care

(15%) are the other obstacles cited by travel buyers.

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Florian Guillemin