Dark tourism and haunted attractions are becoming increasingly popular. Last year alone, more than 54,000 searches were counted on Google, and this Halloween season, the trend is growing. France


home to some of the most haunted places in the world, including castles, dungeons and cemeteries. But did you know that some of your favourite tourist spots are also haunted?

Top 10 des lieux hantés les plus populairesTop 10 des lieux hantés les plus populairesTop 10 Most Popular Haunted

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, the holiday rental search engine has compiled a list of the most popular haunted tourist attractions in France. This ranking was made by aggregating the most cited haunted places in the media. Here is the list of the must-see places during Halloween! For the occasion, this ranking was drawn up with a highlighting of the most cited haunted places in the media and their average search volume per month on Google. 33 places were considered in total. Spooky experiences, ghostly images, striking spirits, strange stories, nightmares, abandoned sites, scary worlds, macabre creatures, paranormal phenomena are often the cause of real hauntings. To celebrate Halloween is to retrace the history of these strange phenomena, of these horror films… The opportunity to make you shiver and haunt you as much as possible with a skeleton, a lady in black, a vampire, a monster or a zombie…

Certainly, haunted castles can be terrifying, a gloomy labyrinth a bit scary, yet it is not uncommon to find ghostly presence of witches, monsters, ghosts that haunt these places. The hunt for ghosts begins during this spiritual festival of spiritualism. Strange phenomena, unexplained apparitions, haunted houses. The sensitive souls will pass their turn. But if you are not afraid of anything and even less of these ghost stories that can sometimes be terrifying, ghostly … Maybe these supernatural phenomena haunt the spirits but these curses can also be scary places, places of all these urban legends. You want to be scared, to live the great thrill, to have the shivers… or you prefer to play ghost hunters? Then go and visit these slightly scary places. But in no case, you will have the haunting to come to read us

Strange phenomena and other enigmas

Whether it is for a terrifying escape game, one of these disused places, a mystery place

Strange things can happen. From nightmares to strange phenomena, a show of horror and strange facts will create a disturbing atmosphere worthy of the greatest castles of Scotland. It is therefore in a disturbing atmosphere that we wanted to explain these unexplainable phenomena. Thrills guaranteed to live a strange phenomenon or small frights to face the demons of the spirit as many unsolved mystery and so frightening that will give you goosebumps to try to prove you that the ghosts exist. As in these haunted hotels

, we started from simple rumors to supernatural facts that have nothing scary, welcome to the universe of horror…

1. The castle of Fougeret – Nouvelle-Aquitaine

The castle of Fougeret

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is the most haunted castle in France and the most popular. Built between the XIVᵉ and XVIᵉ centuries, it is located in the commune of Queaux, in the Vienne. Over the years, this mansion has hosted many noble families. In the twentieth century it was even one of the places not to be missed for large bourgeois parties. Today you can visit it and even spend the night there for the bravest. However, beware, it is an immersive experience. No central heating and very rustic conditions, plus the voices and silhouettes of entities that have not yet left the castle…

2. Palavas-les-Flots – Occitanie

The seaside resort of Palavas-les-Flots is the second most popular haunted place in France. You don’t know the white lady of Palavas-les-Flots? In 1981, four young people returning from a party in the direction of Montpellier picked up a hitchhiker. The woman dressed in white got in without saying a word. A few hundred metres further on, the woman suddenly exclaims: ” watch out for the bend, watch out for the bend!

The driver, surprised, slows down and passes the bend without any problem. But then the two young girls in the back of the car shouted: “The White Lady has disappeared.

All the doors were closed, the car was still moving. In shock, they went to tell their story to the police, who later found that the young people had not been drinking or taking drugs and that they all had the same version of events. So, what’s up? If you are staying in Palavas-les-Flots

and driving at night, beware of the Dame Blanche.

3. The forest of Broceliande – Brittany

The forest of Broceliande

In third place, the forest of Broceliande is probably the most famous haunted place in France. It is the cradle of many legends of Merlin the magician, King Arthur, the fairies Morgan and Viviane, among others, but it is also a mecca for paranormal tourism. A forest of 7,000 hectares, it is the largest forest in Brittany, located on three departments. It is therefore an ideal place for any ghost who would like to take up residence there. The vegetation is very varied, and the trees seem to come to life, like those in the forest of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

. Dry moors, century-old trees, large lakes and megaliths… If you listen carefully, you will surely hear the whispers of the inhabitants of these places.

4. The Commarque castle – Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Château de CommarqueChâteau de CommarqueThe Commarque castle

The Nouvelle-Aquitaine is definitely a region that every thrill-seeker must visit! At the foot of the podium, the castle of Commarque

is a real medieval jewel. A strategic place during the Hundred Years’ War, one expects to hear stories of soldiers haunting the ramparts, but not at all! Here, it is a horse that haunts the place. It is said that in the Middle Ages, the daughter of the Count of Commarque had a lover, who died beheaded. His horse is still looking for his master in the ruins of the castle. Many visitors claim to hear the horse calling for its rider, and some even claim to have seen him before. The adventurers who have been looking for him have all died on the spot under very strange circumstances…

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5. The Catacombs of Paris – Île de France

Dans les catacombes de ParisDans les catacombes de ParisIn the Catacombs of Paris

Obviously, this ranking cannot exist without mentioning the Catacombs of Paris with those scary skeletons. This former quarry has become the ossuary of Paris, and hosts several Parisian cemeteries such as the Cimetière des Innocents. It is the largest underground ossuary in the world with over 6 million people buried in its 300 km of galleries. If visiting an underground cemetery with uncovered bones wasn’t enough, it’s because of the fact

There is also the legend of the Green Man who haunts the galleries. A ghost without light that walks around and watches over the bones. He brushes against visitors and leaves only a few traces on the floor as evidence. From 29 October to 1 November, visitors can go in disguise to benefit from a reduced rate!

6. Puymartin Castle – Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Château de PuymartinChâteau de PuymartinPuymartin


was built in the 13th century, not far from Commarque Castle, and it too is haunted, not by a horse, but by the “White Lady”.

It is obviously not the same as in Palavas, but the legend will make you tremble. It is the ghost of Thérèse de Saint-Clar, who haunts the castle in the evening around midnight, walking in the staircase, her room and on the walkways … The latter was imprisoned for fifteen years in the north tower of the castle as punishment for cheating on her husband. The tower door was walled up and two bars on her window prevented her from escaping. Her food was brought to her through a small trap door, and she slept on straw mattresses. It’s chilling, isn’t it

? 7


The castle of Veauce – Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

In seventh place, the castle of Veauce

also has a very particular history. Between 1973 and 1998, it was inhabited by Baron Tagori de la Tour, and since the 16th century, the ghost of Lucie, a servant who died in captivity, has haunted its corridors. The baron said that he regularly saw a ghost and that the castle was haunted. In 1984, a team from France Inter even came to visit this haunted house accompanied by a medium and with all the equipment to record sound and images. They all swear that they saw the dead maid, Lucie… Since then, others have gone there and made the same observation. 8


Bonaguil Castle – Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Château de BonaguilChâteau de BonaguilBonaguil Castle

Another castle in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Bonaguil Castle, built in the 12th century, is haunted by not one but several ghosts. A popular tourist spot, it is also visited by adventurers in search of adventure.

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aranormal. The ghost of Marguerite de Fumel is one of them. Graffiti in an unknown language and drawings of ghosts have also been found on the walls. No historian or scientist has managed to decipher them… A paranormal research and investigation team has even conducted an investigation there, and reports some disturbing facts: Sensations of pressure on the body, burning, strange noises

9. The gardens of the Petit Trianon – Île-de-France

Versailles, Petit TrianonVersailles, Petit TrianonVersailles, Petit Trianon

You might not expect it, but the gardens of the Petit Trianon

are also famous for the paranormal. Another place of human bones, but in a much more bucolic setting. But beware of appearances, at any moment former residents of the castle, like Marie-Antoinette, could appear. This happened in the summer of 1901. Two women felt anxious throughout their visit and swear they saw or at least felt the presence of entities. Since then, the case has never ceased to intrigue and excite paranormal researchers.

Strong sensations

After visiting the palace of Louis XIV, the two women went to the Petit Trianon through the park. On the way, they met people dressed in period costumes who pointed them in the direction of a house at the end of a path. Since that day, it has been rumoured that the ghost of Marie-Antoinette is walking through the tree-lined alleys of Versailles. It seems that the two women have travelled back in time because the buildings and paths they claim to have seen have not existed for years.

10. Blandy-les-Tours Castle – Île-de-France

Château de Blandy-les-ToursChâteau de Blandy-les-ToursBlandy-les-Tours Castle

At the last place of this ranking, this castle of Blandy-les-Tours is ranked in the top 3 of the most haunted castles in France with the highest rate of ghosts… About ten entities would haunt the corridors of this one. Among them would be a lord of the Xth century, who would terrorize and would not hesitate to kill all those who dared to penetrate the building. By visiting the walls, we enter

nd still resound the cries of Marie d’Harcourt. She died in 1439, preferring to throw herself from the dungeon rather than fall into the hands of the terrible Érard de Montargis. During the All Saints’ Day period, it is said that spectres appear and wander through the alleys. One then hears howls and noises of chains terribly frightening…