Tips for an efficient and stylish workspace. When we work remotely for work or at home, we spend most of our time at our desks. So how can we make it more inspiring and efficient? Office organization is key, so here we give you the top 4 tips to improve your office for more productivity and happiness.

Conseils pour un espace de travail efficace et élégantConseils pour un espace de travail efficace et élégantTips for an efficient and stylish workspace

Tidy up your desk!

It’s time to tidy up to optimize office organization. Get rid of unnecessary items that are taking up space. Put away dusty papers in the corner of the desk. Throw away things you don’t really need. Look at the dates they were returned and sort them out. The same goes for your computer desktop: a little cleanup among the many files you retrieve won’t kill anyone, quite the opposite! It will allow you to articulate your ideas to better advance your project. In a neat and clean environment, your imagination will run wild and your work will be more productive. So make room! Put everything away on the table and keep only what you need. This will allow you to see better so you can work in better conditions.

Improve your office organization

We may never be able to say it again, but organization is the key to productive work. So whether it’s in your schedule or at your desk, everything needs to be organized. Optimizing your workspace cannot be ignored. On the table, you should only see a computer, a keyboard and mouse, a journal and some supplies! Nearby, for that matter, the files in progress will be easily accessible. In addition, a wastebasket or a sorter is the best friend of these files. Not to mention everything that is useful to you from time to time, that is, sensitive documents, personal belongings, etc. On the shelf, you’ll place your binders of invoices, recent documents… The high storage units are perfect to save space in a small space. In the closet, documents on hold, archive boxes, old documents and invoices… in short, everything you don’t use every day. On the computer, prioritize and name your electronic files the same way you would name your filing cabinets. If you get into the habit, it will save you time.

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Sitting comfortably at the office

We play with the brightness and position of the furniture, the height of the screen and

the height of the desk.ble… But we are particularly interested in the adjustment of seats, armrests, headrests… with an ergonomic office chair. Indeed, you will find ergonomic chairs adapted to all needs and tastes. A tip: Before you buy it, don’t hesitate to take a few minutes to position yourself in front of the screen and make sure that all the ergonomic parameters are in place. They are often forgotten, but they are very effective in fighting against fatigue or back pain.

Decorate your desk

Personalize your office with a decoration that will make you feel good and calm. Although it is recommended to make as much space as possible, a small item can have a bigger impact on your well-being than you think. If you are less stressed and feel good at work, you are bound to be more productive. Anything can work, polaroids, greenery, inspirational quotes… The idea is to create a space that you love, that feels like you and that you’ll enjoy thinking in. Also, feel free to look for designer desk lamps and many other accessories. They will help you work.