What if we assumed that masculine side we all have? To do so, we take our inspiration from the men’s wardrobe by opting for the trouser suit, which creates a chic and elegant silhouette without much difficulty. This fall season, the tuxedo is making a comeback in the look trends.

I’m going for the women’s trouser suit

You can choose colour or not. A British version with a check print and a perfectly fitting jacket and trousers, this must-have in the wardrobe fits the body perfectly. Of course, slim and long morphologies will appreciate it particularly, but know that rounded shapes can also wear it very well. For that, they will prefer a long jacket which will camouflage the said curves.


I choose loose trousers, trousers for women which will know how to emphasize your morphology, comfortable wide trousers. Be careful, printed trousers can weigh down the silhouette of your suit. So if I hesitate, I opt for a classic pant or a stretch pant that will enhance the silhouette. A black pant will bring a timeless class. The woman’s suit bets on a set of trousers with a timeless suit trousers. Cigarette pants will also make the difference for the slimmest of us. Trouser suits offer the opportunity to give yourself a total look with ease. Opt for a woman’s jacket, elasticated trousers and you will be close to the iconic Saint Laurent suit. Women’s trousers with fine stripes give it a sophisticated side naturally.

A jacket

We bet on the woman jacket of this two-piece, the long jacket will make the difference for woman. We wear it with a traditional white blouse. If one wants a little fantasy in all circumstances, I opt for the oversize with a fluid trousers with high waist. We all have in our wardrobe a chic jacket, a blazer that suits you perfectly. I associate it with a woman’s blouse. And here I am with this triptych of the wardrobe with the jacket, the shirt, the pants to have a pantsuit woman.

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A white blouse

I bet on the fantasy on the white blouse preferably. Why not dare the lace?

Do I dare the dissociation?

What makes a suit look uniform is certainly the fact that the colors are identical on top and bottom. However, if I want to break the traditional codes, I can do it with black trousers and a coloured jacket. This two-tone suit will be for all occasions. I can wear a suit if I have an important evening (a vernissage, a professional meeting). It embodies glamorous femininity.

How do I accessorize it?

This is what will make your outfit a flop or a hit. As for shoes, we bet on the heel with a nice pair of boots or a pair of pumps to remind the feminine side. We bet on heels for important work meetings. Otherwise, and

I prefer sneakers, which give it a modern and cool look. Immediate casual effect. But here again it depends on your professional sphere. The working girl will then have to think about the consequences in her professional world.

As for jewellery, I prefer long necklaces

and a nice pair of earrings. I can also master my masculine side by opting for a tie or not. This gives a mischievous side to the outfit.

A wardrobe essential

Material: I avoid linen because it wrinkles too quickly. I opt for velvet if I’m in winter because it keeps warm. But you can find some in polyester. I don’t like satin by definition, too erotic for me. But if you have an evening planned with your lover

, it can be an opportunity to spice things up.

As for the cut, it can be adapted according to your morphology. You can opt for a straight cut, fitted for chic sets.

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The advantage of taking a women’s pantsuit

If I put a women’s pantsuit in the suitcase, I will have the chance to use the jacket and pants separately for other outfits

. That’s

why I love it for my travels.

Le tailleur pantalon femme à mettre dans la valiseLe tailleur pantalon femme à mettre dans la valiseThe women’s pantsuit to put in the suitcase

Pantsuit / Bash
Ring / Le Sibille
Lipstick / Tom Ford
Bracelet / Rosantica
Clutch / YSL
Sunglasses / Linda Farrow
Sneakers / Maje

Look 2Look 2Look 2

Suit / La Redoute
<a href=”https://www.jet-lag-trips.com/la-pochette-yves-sa

int-laurent/”>Handbag / Bash
Sunglasses / Le specs
Sneakers / Valentino
Earrings / Maje