Le Caire top destination afriqueCairo, first business destination in Africa according to Statista (photo: Flickr)

Cairo, best city in Africa to do business? Those who already know the Egyptian capital might be surprised by this result. The city is known for its pollution, traffic jams and infrastructure problems.

Despite this, the Egyptian metropolis offers a very westernized and pleasant life to those who know the ins and outs of it – especially in the suburbs and neighborhoods such as Maadi, Garden City, Heliopolis or the north of Zamalek. The construction of New Cairo with its gleaming buildings and shopping malls is actually transforming the ancient Egyptian city. The Cairo of tomorrow will look more like Dubai or Doha than a traditional African city

This is the result of a study by Statista, a leading private data and statistics provider based in Hamburg. The German-based data and statistics provider listed 200 cities worldwide. And found that Cairo was the best city in Africa. To do so, it applied a series of economic and empirical criteria that justify companies’ decision to locate there. In addition to population size and GDP, many other factors play an important role in determining the suitability of a city for business location.

The index is based on a number of sub-indices: The “Economy” dimension examines the economic strength and level of development of the city in question. The “Business Environment” dimension focuses on infrastructure and logistics. The “Society” dimension analyzes the development of the population and the areas of education and living standards. The “Charisma” dimension highlights aspects such as tourism, culture, and the environment.

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North and South Africa excel

Cairo scored particularly high for its operating environment. While the city’s overall ranking out of the 200 analyzed was only 176, Cairo ranked 113th in this category. Among the cities that ranked well for conducting business were Algiers, Johannesburg and Casablanca. They also performed well compared to other African cities. Johannesburg, ranked 176th overall, was the strongest in the Society sub-index.

While the index analyzes in detail all the components related to standard of living and well-being, it can be criticized for not including cities as important in Africa as Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, Abidjan, Dakar or Kigali in Rwanda.