The Maldives, a peaceful paradise for travellers. TheMaldives archipelago, the first destination to reopen its international borders since the health crisis, offers absolutely charming atolls and heavenly beaches to tourists in search of sun, beauty and tranquillity. And, in complete safety…

Holidays in paradise

There is a place in the world where the gurgle of the waves and the breath of the wind make you forget the hustle and bustle of the city; the blue-green of the lagoon is illuminated by countless rays of sunshine that in turn offer a contrast to this blue sky. Bathed in the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean, this Garden of Eden of clear water beach atolls has a name. The only place that can make you dream is: the Maldives… Between heavenly white sand beaches and turquoise lagoon, it is difficult not to appreciate any resort. In the crystal clear waters of your resort, the coral will invite itself to the party. A dream destination in itself, which offers the most beautiful beaches in the world. Because yes, you will enjoy dream beaches surrounded by a transparent turquoise blue sea if you choose to go on a tailor-made trip to a beautiful island in the Maldives.

Dream Island

This is the dream destination, a perfect place where multicolored fishes dance around you. To go to the Maldives is to discover this paradise archipelago during a seaside stay with paradisiacal landscapes. The holidaymakers all appreciate these breathtaking paradise islands. Between sumptuous creeks and heavenly land, you will enjoy your tropical holidays. A tropical destination worthy of a postcard in this corner of paradise. Warning: Dream destination! You have been warned. Because one thing is sure: You will spend a dream vacation.

Dream vacation

Your premium boutique hotel will be the spot for your nights. In a double room, you will be perfectly equipped to fully enjoy your beach resort. Bathtub, flat screen TV, minibar, safe, sitting area will sound like an invitation to idleness for a romantic stay. In the spacious rooms, the gourmet traveller can receive room service. Perhaps you will even be there with your spouse for a romantic stay reserved for lovers? Between sand dunes, transparent and crystalline waters, the paradisiacal image sticks to it in spite of the religious or political divergences. Bathing in this heavenly place will be a must-do. Because this paradise on earth with turquoise waters offers magnificent beaches in the desert.heavenly cor. The fauna and flora also allow a beautiful discovery from the seaside.

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Dream islands for heavenly beaches

The Maldives archipelago extends over hundreds of islands, some of which have been privatized. And transformed into hotel residences, the Maldives archipelago shares with its guests one of the most precious treasures of the planet. The luxury of nature and carefully protected biodiversity. The unparalleled clarity of its waters makes it a favourite destination for scuba diving enthusiasts. In particular its seabed and coral reefs have been included in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Underwater discoveries

The opportunity to swim among the underwater fauna of this reserve and admire dolphins, manta rays, hawksbill turtles or sparkling coloured fish is a wonderful source. It brings a sense of endless fulfillment. Here, on a scuba dive or even just a snorkeling session you can take in the sights with a simple mask and snorkel. Of course, if the mere sight of a diving center causes you to suffocate, there is no point in insisting! You can always practice many water sports between surfing, paddle, catamaran, kayak or kitesurf.

Happiness, tranquillity and safety

Indulging in other water sports or rejuvenating activities can extend this feeling. Many hotels in the Maldives offer a range of relaxation programmes that allow you to refocus in the purest of surroundings. Spa treatments, traditional nutrition, Ayurvedic massage, aerial yoga practice on a wrap-around hammock… All opportunities to get back to basics and enjoy every moment. Just like when you sit on the pontoon of your residence and meditate in the most relaxing landscape. Not forgetting to contemplate the sunset over the Indian Ocean

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A beach resort for a fabulous holiday

In a luxury resort or in a lodge on a sandy beach you can forget the time. Relax in a king-size bed in your bungalow or on the private beach of the hotel-spa. Surrounded by lush vegetation, your atoll will help you recharge your batteries and let go. Nothing better than gentle body massages to help you achieve that long-awaited feeling of relaxation. The luxury resort will most certainly have a fully equipped wellness area.

Reassuring security

Since their houses are built on stilts independently from each other in the middle of this turquoise horizon from where you will have a

n this sea-front, most hotel agencies will naturally favour customer confidentiality and distance rules. As for the new health and safety measures related to COVID-19, they are clearly respected. Each Maldivian hotel resort has a doctor available 24 hours a day and an adequate inventory of personal protective equipment. In addition, strict disinfection measures are taken in rooms and other areas.

Knowing that the Maldives needs to be tested before departure, but will not be quarantined on site, so nothing can stop you from reaching these idyllic horizons

Enjoying this tropical setting

The turquoise sea front invites you to relax inexorably. Between cocktails, sunset, the spots are not counted in these lagoons of dream. A quick boat ride will take you to beautiful beaches where you can enjoy a swim. Unless you prefer to contemplate the panoramic view of this turquoise infinity. Unquestionably, the Maldives will take care of you with its spas, its excursions that remind you of the essence of nature, its rooms and design suites… Maybe you will even have a hammam?

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In any case, you will be well surrounded with a staff totally dedicated to its task. A butler will be present to assist you at every moment. But it is also true that you will have nothing to think about but yourself while you are sitting on those deckchairs near an infinity pool. Your boutique hotel

will undoubtedly have a large terrace to daydream on.

To get to the Maldives

To get there, you will most likely have taken a seaplane to your luxury hotel for this break. Surrounded by lush vegetation, coconut palms and palm trees, it’s no longer time for shopping. Instead, you will be able to contemplate the sea view and the sandy lagoon by the beach.

Discover the visuals

Les Maldives, un paradis paisible pour les voyageursLes Maldives, un paradis paisible pour les voyageursThe Maldives, a peaceful paradise for travelers Les Maldives, un refuge paisible pour les voyageurs<img width=”1024″ height=”576″ src=”image/svg+xml,” alt=”The Maldives, a peaceful haven for travelers” data-src=”×576.jpg” />The Maldives, a peaceful refuge for travellers Des lodges intimes pour profiter de l'horizon turquoiseDes lodges intimes pour profiter de l'horizon turquoiseIntimate lodges to enjoy the turquoise horizon