A more fuel-efficient, quieter and more comfortable aircraft for passengers. This is what the Airbus A220-300 represents, and the first aircraft was officially handed over to the national airline on 29 September. This aircraft is the first delivery of an order of 60 aircraft of this type. This represents an investment of some 5.5 billion euros.

This arrival was the occasion for a real celebration both for the company and for the French government. Jean-Baptiste Djebarri, the French Secretary of State for Transport, was present at the aircraft presentation ceremony and said that the A220 brings more “light into the aircraft”.

“With the Air France A220, we are not only going to rediscover the French art of travel. We’re going to rediscover it. The A220 will be even quieter […] it’s 34% quieter. We are also going to practice this French art of travel in a more environmentally friendly way. The A220 means 20% fewer emissions and 10% lower costs than the A320s it replaces. Fleet renewal is more environmentally friendly and saves more money.

An opinion that Anne Rigail,Air France’s Director General, could only agree with: “The Airbus A220 is also the symbol of the decarbonization trajectory that is absolutely vital for us”, she explained on Europe 1.

Passengers will have to wait a little longer to board the first A220-300s. The 148-seat aircraft will not officially enter service until the end of October, mainly on European routes.

Luc Citrinot