La Compagnie La Compagnie will connect Paris Orly to Libreville twice a week as of December 16.

La Compagnie is therefore finally turning to Libreville, as it is banking on Gabon if it cannot fully exploit the potential of the Paris-Tel Aviv route. This route is certainly promising but, given the health and regulatory context, it does not offer enough guarantees in the short term to the French carrier. ” The opening of our Paris – Tel Aviv route is strongly constrained by the lifting of travel restrictions to the State of Israel, which are still too restrictive for travelers,” notes Christian Vernet, President of La Compagnie. ” We are still interested in this market, but prefer to seize opportunities that present more guarantees for La Compagnie

“, he adds.

As of December 16, La Compagnie will be heading for Libreville, through a partnership with the Gabonese company Afrijet. The Paris – Libreville flight will be operated by A321neo, every Thursday and Sunday. The departure from Orly is set at 10:10 am, for an arrival at the Gabonese airport at 5:25 pm. On the return journey, take-off is scheduled for 10.45pm. It will reach Paris Orly at 6.20am the following morning.

access the African business market, which is dynamic and resilient despite the crisis

We are delighted with this partnership with Afrijet, which allows us to access the African business market, which is a dynamic and resilient market despite the crisis,” says Christian Vernet. ” We have the perfect product to satisfy this demanding clientele and Afrijet has the knowledge of the market that it already addresses in the region. This new route is a perfect complement to our historical Paris – New York route

” adds Christian Vernet.

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Florian Guillemin