The Air France lounge at Roissy is getting a makeover. After four years of design and work, the Jouin Manku Agency and the French airline Air France have unveiled the airline’s new lounge in terminal 2F at Paris-Charles de Gaulle.

A brand new Air France lounge

Located in the center of the two peninsulas of the terminal, this new 3,000 sq. m. space in the CDG airport, the result of a collaboration with the ADP Group, is part of the airport’s revival. “There is something marvellous, exceptional about the act of flying, of rising into the air amidst the clouds. A fantasy that became possible at the end of the 18th century, thanks to brilliant inventors like the Montgolfier brothers and the Wright brothers. At a time when technology is no longer an issue, when planes are taking off again and the world is moving at a hundred miles an hour, perhaps we need islands of slowness in an ocean of speed more than ever*. With the Air France lounge, we wanted to suspend time in order to condition the traveller who is about to take off in the best possible way. The intention was therefore to work around levitation, lightness, the feeling of escape for an airline with a glamorous aura, a symbol of French elegance,” confides Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku.

A place that attracts millions of passengers in normal times with their luggage waiting before boarding time at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport. Round trip, direct flights, long haul, scheduled flights, shuttle, one way from or to Roissy-Charles airport will then be simplified. With your Air France tickets, you will be able to reach this space, which has been redesigned by the interior architects Jouin Manku. The Paris airport is getting a makeover with this new Air France lounge. Ideal before taking off from France airport, with its lounge bar atmosphere, the Air France lounge will be your drop-off point at cdg airport if and only if you are flying with Air France, whatever your destinations and flight times.

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Spotlight on the Air France lounge at Roissy

The design team has brought natural light to the Air France lounge at Roissy. This is something to be congratulated as this international airport can be dark and overwhelming. Here, strangely enough, we enter a bright lounge. Even if the colours change from light grey to light blue in a space shaped by a central staircase that invites you to escape. The eye is immediately caught by a kinetic sculpture suspended in the entrance threshold, resuming the curve of an aircraft wing. As the point of view changes, the wing subtly reveals the atmosphere of the lounge. The pace slows down, the journey begins. On the left, the Air France reception area and its friendly staff take charge of The only thing left to do is to enter the other side. “This wing is the perfect combination of science, technology and craftsmanship, as it uses the most up-to-date processes in terms of design and manufacture. It evokes the avant-garde of aeronautics but also has that protective, reassuring value, with its organic and enveloping form” confides the interior designers. «

The staircase

You arrive in the central room with your suitcases no doubt. On the floor, between the different spaces, a terrazzo path winds its way to the staircase. Airy, it seems to float with grace and balance. A simplicity that does not suggest the technical prowess required to design this cantilever, whose only visible attachment point is the mezzanine. The steps, highlighted by a discreet light, are wider than a standard staircase. Borrowed from the donkey step, they offer a smooth ascent. The glass balustrade is completely concealed, allowing the view and the curves of the space to enter. Halfway up, a belvedere allows you to pause and admire the tarmac, the sky and the clouds, a moment of contemplation before reaching the top.

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Privacy and comfort

On either side of this central island, which extends over the two levels, large arc-shaped benches create lounge areas conducive to relaxation but also to conversation. They are separated by vaporous screens with a slightly irregular weave, giving rhythm to the space and instilling a sensitive poetry. Smaller alcoves create real breaks between the social space and more intimate interstices. The woolen benches, made to measure, offer a deep seat and a generous back. In the same spirit, the leather armchairs designed by Patrick Jouin for Ligne Roset have enveloping shells and their legs, designed with a single line, accentuate the sensation of floating. At the disposal of the nesting tables, connected by an induction system, facilitate the recharging of devices and their multiple uses. Yes, the time between two Air France flights will give you all the time you need to appreciate this kind of detail.

The restaurant area

At the heart of each floor, the food and beverage offer is housed in oval, white kiosks with copper rings, covered with a translucent cap that diffuses a soft light. Some kiosks are suspended, intensifying the feeling of weightlessness. On the ground floor, a large lava stone counter allows you to sit down at the bar and gives it the look of a Parisian bistro where it is pleasant to enjoy a coffee, a glass of wine or a cocktail. This is always appreciated when you arrive in this air france lounge.

The Clarins Spa area

On the first floor, near the Clarins Travel Spa and far from any activity, large comfortable loungers are set out, with soft lighting to allow travellers with more time to totally disconnect. A large bathroom is just a few steps away.

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the ten or so showers. The room contrasts with the rest of the living room, with dark, marine tones and lighting that mimics the reflection of light on water. In the centre, a large solid wood bench is surrounded by capsules that open onto individual bathrooms of brilliant white. The contrast is invigorating, and particular care has been taken with every detail, including in the bathrooms, where a giant silk-screened mirror rises above the basins, with a sea of clouds floating in the background. Here again, we are pleased to see this air france lounge finally opting for greater well-being


Private lounges

Hidden from view, private lounges offer a tailor-made service with confidential lounge areas, gourmet desks and a glassed-in meeting room allowing customers to enjoy the lounge’s services in complete confidentiality


Discover the visuals

Le salon Air France fait peau neuveLe salon Air France fait peau neuveThe Air France lounge has a new look La lumière s'impose dans ce salon Air FranceLa lumière s'impose dans ce salon Air FranceLight is the order of the day in this Air France lounge Un bar aux teintes bleues vous rappellera le bleu du cielUn bar aux teintes bleues vous rappellera le bleu du cielA blue-tinted bar will remind you of the blue sky L'espace de restauration<img width=”768″ height=”1024″ src=”image/svg+xml,” alt=”The dining area” data-src=”×1024.jpg” />The dining area Des fauteuils confortablesDes fauteuils confortablesComfortable armchairs Des espaces de lecture au calmeDes espaces de lecture au calmeQuiet reading areas The open dining area with this central platform De larges banquettes offrent des espaces intimesDe larges banquettes offrent des espaces intimesWide benches provide intimate spaces