IzyIZY, Thalys’ low-cost offer, will cease operations in July. It’s

not so easy to venture into the low-cost field on a route favored by business travelers… At least, that’s what seems to signify the decision made official this week by Thalys, which is going to end its low-cost offer. On July 10, IZY will disappear from the radar after six years of activity. ” The IZY concept has proved its worth, but we had already gradually reduced the offer over the last few months and we have decided to fully reinstate all connections between Brussels and Paris under the single Thalys brand,” says the railway company’s management. The company sees various advantages for travelers in this withdrawal, namely ” more clarity for the customer – thanks to the single brand, a shorter journey time (1h22 between Paris and Brussels), more services (e.g.: Thalys Welcome Bar) and exchange and refund conditions aligned with Thalys and therefore more flexible


A permanent offer for the under-26s

Passengers should therefore gain in clarity. But at what cost? Thalys assures us: ” This certainly does not mean that our customers can no longer travel at affordable prices “. The railway company’s management highlights, in addition to classic promotions, the launch of a permanent offer for the under-26s, ” a target group that should not be underestimated among IZY travelers

“, it says. The company also points out that the Thalys fare between Paris and Brussels is fixed at 9 euros.

Florian Guillemin