, the leading thalassotherapy group in France, is finalizing and announcing the arrival of epigenetics among its new treatments. But what exactly is epigenetics? It is a new scientific discipline that looks at the impact of lifestyle habits on the expression of our genes. Quite a challenge! L'épigénétique Thalazur fait son apparitionL'épigénétique Thalazur fait son apparitionThalazur epigenetics makes its appearance

Intense relaxation

Thalazur offers rest cures in these beauty spas that combine thermal treatments, hotel services and spa areas for unparalleled well-being stays. An opportunity to take a break and relax like never before. An ideal destination for well-being, a Thalazur cure is one of the best ways to relax. In a spa centre, everything is combined to make you benefit from revolutionary methods for your well-being. Cryotherapy, marine space, anti-stress cure, each method has proved its worth, as in the case of a Quiberon thalassa or Carnac thalasso

, each time with the same desire to make the marine environment one of the best tools to help you find a peaceful life. Treat yourself to a short stay in a seaside resort and you will be able to rediscover a sense of well-being. Say goodbye to backache and muscle tension.

Face and body

On the Atlantic coast, facing the ocean, a trip to a thalasso spa will be an essential part of your wellness stay. In the wellness centre, a facial treatment will be offered to help you regain a beautiful skin. Wearing your bathrobe, you will stroll along this marine trail in search of tonicity during this moment of cocooning. A marine cura that offers a rare moment of escape in these thalassotherapy cures. The sea view on the Atlantic Ocean will be there to relax and recharge your batteries. Perhaps a bubbling bath will be the ultimate step to let go. A session

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aquagym, the opportunity to relax fully. A whirlpool bath, a relaxation room and a marine course are the different phases of this wellness area where you can pamper yourself during this thalassotherapy treatment with a seawater pool.

Spas dedicated to well-being

In the thalassotherapy institute, during a fitness cure, relaxing treatments will help you to gain this moment of total plenitude. To recharge your batteries with these thalassotherapy treatments will be the opportunity in a large hotel and its wellness area, to benefit from spa treatments, wraps, modelling, scrubs, massages for facials and body treatments. The aim is always the same: to relax and recharge your batteries with these anti-stress thalassotherapy treatments in these thalassotherapy centres.

Relaxation area

In these marine spas, following thalasso cures involves beauty treatments, mud-based massages, everything is combined for a break from time, a stopover where the benefits of water, rich in trace elements, will soothe you. These thalasso stays based on heated seawater combine aesthetics, reflexology, balneotherapy, hydrotherapy, detox care … Therapeutic care in balneo, you will gain vitality.

Hotels with water basins

As a result, the leading brand in France with its thalasso hotels offers relaxation areas with Zen massage cabins and is renewing itself with tailor-made thalasso treatments in the thalassotherapy centres. For Fabienne Busson, Director of Operations at Thalazur, “for 2022, we are proud to announce a great new product based on the concept of epigenetics. Thanks to a 6-day/6-night cure available in all our Thalazur establishments (except Bandol), we are giving our customers the keys to improve their overall health. Epigenetics thus revolutionizes our approach to preventive health care and sheds light on our own ability to express our genetic heritage to the fullest.

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Individual treatments

A thalasso cure specifically built around the concept of epigenetics. A somewhat barbaric name which could frighten many people, yet epigenetics, a new cutting-edge scientific discipline, allows us to better understand living organisms and to learn more about the diseases of civilisation thanks to the impact of the environment and our lifestyles on the way our genetic heritage is expressed. “In fact, thalassotherapy, with its highly diversified range of treatments, ticks all the boxes of epigenetic well-being”, confirms Serge Fourcade, Thalazur’s quality director for thalassotherapy and spa.

Thalasso hotel

Head for theHélianthal spa hotel in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, which has been completely renovated and is a thalasso centre specialising in the problems of food. You are introduced to the “slow walk” of mindfulness. The thalasso spa also promotes aquatic osteopathy. In Cabourg, we put you in a hyperbaric oxygenation chamber to help you get used to a new space. And always walking by the sea; in Antibes, we teach you to breathe better with a “breath” workshop and Janzu, a therapeutic aquatic dance…

The aim is always the same: to find serenity in the face of life’s events. During these thalasso stays, each group is accompanied in its approach by the European Institute of Dietetics and Micronutrition (IEDM) for a preventive approach to health.