How did you organize your business trip to the CES (Consumer Electric Show) in Las Vegas at the beginning of January?

Jean-François Pieri – First of all, I would like to specify that we are a very small company and, as such, we do not work with a TMC or a specific travel agency. Especially with the Covid crisis. I think that in the current context of uncertainty, a travel agency could even slow down a possible reimbursement process of an air ticket, as airlines and agencies often blame each other for such an act! I therefore took care of all the formalities myself, consulting for example the French government website which provides very up-to-date information.

What was the most difficult part of this trip for you to manage?

J.-F. – It was in fact the rules that change and that force you to buy a ticket at the last minute with all the constraints that this can imply on the cost of the ticket or on the itineraries. There is an obstacle, I think, with information that is often poorly relayed: that of transit airports and their transfer conditions. We have little information from the airline on the covid formalities in stopover and the logic of transfer. However, this is an element that will affect the choice of the airline.

Which element seemed the most complex once you were there?

J.-F. – Apart from the uncertainty of testing positive and having to isolate oneself, one is always afraid of a last minute change in legislation in the country of arrival as well as on return to France. The other somewhat complex problem is the requirement for a PCR test, whether in the host country or to return to France. This is something that must be taken into account when traveling on business. Because it leads to a loss of time in a very tight schedule. In Las Vegas, it took me 3h30 to get tested!

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Did you take out a special insurance policy to cover the covid?

J.-F. – My insurance already covers hospitalization in the context of the pandemic…

Luc Citrinot