More controlled entry of travellers into Switzerland, for example to Lausanne (Photo: Luc Citrinot)

Since Saturday, December 4, the Swiss Confederation

has adopted a new set of more coercive measures in the face of the outbreak of Covid cases in Europe and the appearance of the Omicron variant in Europe. The Swiss Federal Council considers that the current situation is very critical.

As of Monday, December 6, 2021, the presentation of the Swiss COVID certificate (equivalent to the European health pass) will be mandatory for access to indoor areas of all public events and for participation in all indoor sports and cultural activities. Europeans must present the EU health passport. The wearing of masks is extended to all indoor areas including public transport. The mask will be optional only in events and establishments that decide to restrict access to vaccinated and cured persons only.

Furthermore, for travellers wishing to visit Switzerland, a PCR test must be carried out before departure. This test must be valid for a maximum of 72 hours. This obligation is also imposed on travellers who have already been vaccinated.

In addition to this PCR test before entering the country, travellers must also undergo a second test. This can be either PCR or antigenic. It must be carried out between the fourth and seventh day after arrival. The purpose of this second test is to ensure the detection of persons who may have become infected just before leaving or during their journey. These tests are at the expense of the persons concerned. People who have not been vaccinated will also no longer be allowed to enter Switzerland.

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The new measures will be valid until 24 January 2022.

Luc Citrinot