With the Airportr option, Swiss turns to home baggage collection

A business trip with your hands in your pockets, or almost… That’s what the new partnership between Swiss and AirPortr, a digital platform that provides intelligent baggage management solutions, allows. The Lufthansa Group airline is offering a new “AirPortr option”, whereby passengers can request their baggage to be collected from home, bookable up to 23 days before their flight. After checking their identity documents and boarding pass, customers are given a digital baggage tag to trace their property, which is sealed under Swissport’s responsibility. The traveller will not see his or her luggage again until they arrive at their destination, on the airport’s conveyor belt.

The traveller will be

informed throughout the journey (by e-mail and SMS) of the location of his or her precious luggage at every stage of the journey


a new travel experience that starts at home

Our customers tell us that luggage and its transport is one of the most difficult stages when they travel,” says Tamur Goudarzi Pour, Chief Commercial Officer at Swiss. ” We have listened to them and, thanks to the partnership with Airportr, we are offering them a new travel experience that starts at home. Together we are demonstrating that travel is easy, fast and seamless, no matter how our customers travel. This service is far superior to traditional luggage delivery services. In addition, it contributes to a positive impact on sustainable travel


A practical and environmental benefit

In addition to making the traveller’s journey more fluid – the passenger no longer has to pass through the check-in and baggage drop-off areas – this AirPortr option would also make the journey greener

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. Indeed,

Swiss points out that ” travelling without luggage from home to the airport can be more easily envisaged with public transport, as shown by a recent survey of Airportr users. 66% of customers opted for public transport because they no longer needed to carry their luggage


improve the customer experience, make travel more connected, more environmentally friendly and optimise operational activities on the ground

The new service is only available from Geneva airport, and the baggage collection service is aimed at residents of the Lake Geneva region. Fares vary from 37 euros for a traveller living in Geneva to 56 euros if he or she lives in Lausanne. But the partnership with AirPortr is set to expand: first to the whole of Switzerland, but also to other countries.

agnies of the Lufthansa Group. ” The Lufthansa Group with Swiss, is leading the way in becoming the most digitally advanced airline group in the world, using digitization to improve the customer experience, make travel more connected, greener, and optimize operational activities on the ground,” emphasizes Randel Darby, CEO and Founder of AirPortr. ” Switzerland benefits from a world-class public transportation system. In addition, it is a perfect environment for our collaboration with Swiss and is the first deployment of the partnership with Swissport announced in September,” he adds.