Star Alliance 25 ansThe historic image of the formation of the Star Alliance in 1997 (Photo: Star Alliance)

The launch of the Star Alliance

25th anniversary celebrations will bring a series of innovations to passengers. One of the most important is the launch of a future co-branded credit card. It should integrate all the airlines of the grouping.

However, few details have been revealed about the future card. It is expected to be launched at the end of this year in an as yet unspecified “regional test market”. Points earned on the card will be convertible to a Star Alliance member airline’s frequent flyer program. The program will be the choice of the cardholder.

Among other things, the alliance is working on a new partnership model to cement network leadership. Star is expected to have its member carriers adopt a sustainability statement. They will commit to the industry’s goal of zero net carbon emissions and consequent joint efforts to decarbonize.

Together. Better. Connected

The Star Alliance biometric service, launched in 2020, is now available at four major airports – Frankfurt, Munich and Vienna and Hamburg since April 2022. Additional stops are planned.

The expansion of the digital connection service will be able to strengthen the Star Alliance connection centers. This will make it easier to connect passengers at major airports with the airlines that serve them. The service is currently available at London Heathrow and will soon be expanded to another major European hub.

Finally, Star Alliance and its member carriers will launch a new marketing campaign. And because it’s impossible to have an anniversary without unveiling a new slogan, Star Alliance has unveiled its own. From now on, Star Alliance will be accompanied by the slogan “Together. Better. Connected.”

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The brand’s new tagline reflects the intention to foster better human connections through the Star Alliance global network and seamless digital connectivity.

Luc Citrinot