Spring is the season when nature wakes up. It is also the best time to spend a wonderful vacation in an extraordinary place

. Here are some very interesting destinations in spring. Vacances de printemps : 10 destinations où allerVacances de printemps : 10 destinations où allerSpring vacations: 10 destinations where to go


Several major cities in Morocco

can welcome holidaymakers in spring. It is a good time to go because the temperature is pleasant and the sun is shining. For example, the roses and soft green grasses of the High Atlas Valley are breathtaking. For accommodation, finding hotels in Rabat is easy because there are not many tourists yet.


In the land of the rising sun

, spring is a real rebirth. It is the period of blooming of the famous cherry tree. It is a time for people to gather and have picnics in the park. Over the years, the Cherry Blossom Festival has become a national tradition.


In spring, head to the Skagit Valley for the Tulip Festival. Vacationers can walk among the vast blooms, take photos and visit three museums in the USA



Spring in Spain

is quite mild. The Mediterranean Sea is great for swimming. Those who choose this destination will be able to participate in two typical Andalusian activities: the Feria de Sevilla and the Semana Santa. These popular festivals are held every year in Seville.


For at least two weeks in the spring, visitors can drive along the famous, windswept Route 1, and vacationers can travel 500 miles between Los Angeles and San Francisco

at their own pace. The roads along the Pacific coast are dotted with coves and cliffs. French

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The Garden Festival takes place in the spring and lasts about a month. Competitors must build an ephemeral garden of 200 square meters in some of the main cities of the French Riviera. During this period, vacationers can also participate in

conferences, guided tours, exhibitions and open houses.


Easter, in particular, attracts vacationers to Salzburg every spring. This artistic event will invite a number of renowned artists and philharmonic orchestras to participate.


Vacationers choose this destination to celebrate the spring equinox with the locals. The celebration was held at the archaeological site of Teotihuacan, about 50 kilometers from Mexico City. White clothes are required for this occasion. During this period, Mexico offers beautiful beaches where you can relax on a beach towel.


In spring, the Aegean islands are breathtaking with wild grasses and almond blossoms. The climate is also conducive to many outdoor activities: horseback riding, rafting, hiking, etc. You should take advantage of your stay in Greece to travel around the country by tourist train.


The Keukenhof Flower Park is a must-see during a spring stop in the Netherlands. Tens of millions of bulbs are buried every year, with different colors and incomparable beauty: tulips, irises, roses, daffodils, hyacinths, etc.. Distributed in several pavilions.