Groupe ADP résultats Roissy in September 2020 (Photo: LC)

The ADP Group has announced the results of all these airports for the year 2021. Paris saw a growth of + 26.8% in 2021. That is 8.9 million additional passengers compared to 2020 and a total passenger traffic of 41.9 million.

According to figures released on January 17 by the ADP Group, total traffic at all airports managed by ADP Group rose by 37.2% in 2021 with 160.0 million passengers handled. This traffic represents 45.6% of the group’s traffic level for 2019. However, the results in Paris remain lower than those of the group as a whole.

For Paris Airport alone, traffic is up 26.8% for 2021. That is 8.9 million passengers compared to 2020. With 41.9 million passengers, this figure represents 38.8% of Paris Airport’s traffic in 2019.

Year-on-year, traffic at Paris-Charles de Gaulle is up 17.7% in 2021, with 26.2 million passengers handled, or 34.4% of 2019 traffic. Paris-Orly is doing better, with the airport benefiting from the strong recovery in domestic and European traffic in the spring. The total number of passengers has thus increased by 45.6% in 2021. Or 15.7 million passengers received, representing 49.4% of the traffic of 2019.

For Paris Airport over the full year 2021:

– International traffic (excluding Europe, including DROM-COM) is up +18.5% compared to 2020, at 34.9% of the 2019 level, due to growth in the following clusters: North America (+37.1%), Africa (+35.6%), Middle East (+20.9%), Latin America (+3.7%). On the other hand, the decline continued in the Asia-Pacific cluster (-51.8%). The closure of Asian borders and the late reopening of the United States explain the lower growth of theAir France hub at CDG. –

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Europe (excluding France) traffic is up 35.2% compared to 2020, at 37.8% of the 2019 level;

– Metropolitan France traffic is up 26.6% compared to 2020, at 52.7% of the 2019 level;

– DROM-COM traffic (within international traffic) is up 16.3% compared to 2020, at 63.6% of the 2019 level;

– The number of connecting passengers is up +21.


The connecting rate was 22.0%, down 1.1 percentage points compared to 2020.

The improvement should be significant in 2022, although traffic should remain low in January and February due to the circulation of the Omicron variant. In December, the two Paris airports returned to a traffic level equivalent to 64.5% of December 2019.