A Dior treatment with Lucibel focuses on light. Inspired by the absolute blossoming of the skin and the senses, the House of Dior has initiated an avant-garde vision of beauty and well-being. A combination of manual techniques and cutting-edge technologies, supported by treatments derived from Dior’s floral science, infuse a holistic dimension into every experience at Dior spas around the world. An exclusive, all-light experience designed by Olivier Lapidus, previewed for the Dior Spa Cheval Blanc

at the new Paris hotel. Dior avec Lucibel mise sur la lumièreDior avec Lucibel mise sur la lumièreDior with Lucibel focuses on light In keeping with

its pioneering spirit, Dior is adding a new facet to its beauty philosophy: augmented cosmetics. In partnership with the French company Lucibel

, the house presents Ove, the most powerful LED beauty mask of its generation. A technological innovation with unprecedented results to be discovered as a world exclusive and preview at the Dior spa Cheval Blanc Paris. This day treatment is designed to nourish, soothe, firm and smooth. It acts on the face and eye contour, erasing wrinkles, as effective as a face cream, this facial treatment helps to reduce the effects of aging on the epidermis and erase the wrinkles that appear with age.

Beauty through light

The benefits of light on the body, skin and mind are well known. Composed of living cells that have a vital need to be exposed to light, the body needs this source of energy for its balance and proper functioning. By extension, light naturally generates beauty and well-being and is in essence part of the holistic vision of Dior beauty. The skin’s texture is revitalized.

A revolutionary and futuristic treatment

Based on LEDs, the photobiomodulation technique uses a cold red light, without any risk of burning, to stimulate and regenerate the cells. Studied for more than 30 years by science, this red light has proved that it can act as a real “light cream” able to boost cellular respiration, repair and regenerate the skin, but also to relax and unwind the mind. This research has enabled Lucibel to develop the Ove tool, a spectacularly effective beauty mask. This face mask helps to fight against skin slackening, it leaves the skin soothed and soft.

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Ove, the reinvented beauty mask

Ove, its name is inspired

from the eponymous architectural and goldsmithing term for an egg-shaped motif, close to the oval of the face. Designed by Olivier Lapidus, the futuristic design of this mask is based on pure lines. Made in France, it elegantly features the Dior logo, marking the luxury of its exclusivity and theexcellence of its high technicality. Smoothing the skin better than an anti-ageing cream or anti-wrinkles will then be integrated into its beauty routine. And despite the red colour, no red marks or diffuse redness appear. The complexion is then radiant with this facial care, the skin finds an appreciable elasticity. This helps to fight against external aggressions and to see the eye contour become firmer. The amazing ability of the epidermis to eliminate fine lines will amaze you.

A technology and a skincare tool with amazing results

Placed on a stand like a lamp, the ove mask covers the entire face. ove diffuses a unique optical and electrical power, as well as an energetic illumination. its wavelength of 635 nanometers is the longest on the market and makes it possible to diffuse a dose of light of 15.6 joules/cm², the strongest there is and without any risk. Adapted to the different areas of the face, these light intensities make it possible to obtain an optimum result on the whole face in an exposure of only 12 minutes. At a rate of use twice a week, this session is equivalent to an exposure of 8.5 hours to more than 24 hours carried out with other types of masks.

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A beauty cure better than a beauty cream

After a cure of 8 sessions, the results are exceptional: A clinical study* conducted in France in 2021 showed a significant reduction in the depth of crow’s feet wrinkles (-15%), a reduction in the sagging of the oval of the face (-5%), a reduction in the diameter of the pores (-28.5%). In addition, a clear increase in the density of the skin (+26%) and its firmness (+14%) was measured. Thus, in just one month, Ove improves the quality of the skin and its youthfulness. Added to a perfect hygiene, these treatments in institute will make your skin perfect because it is one of the best care that exists today. Say goodbye to impurities with these specific treatments. The first signs of ageing will not appear. The skin will regain its tone with this anti-aging care. The aging of the skin is no longer visible thanks to its lifting effect.

A facial to treat yourself

The first signs of aging disappear as if you had applied an effective anti-aging cream. With a lifting effect, you will find a soft skin with this range of firming care. Say goodbye to wrinkles and fine lines and retGet a healthy glow with this facial treatment.

Preview at Dior Spa Cheval Blanc Paris

A preview of the Ove mask, exclusive to the Dior Spa Cheval Blanc Paris, is an opportunity to give yourself a glow during the holiday season. Designed as a pure moment of relaxation, the session begins with the application of Dior skin care products to perfectly prepare the skin to receive the LED light. With your eyes protected by dedicated glasses, all you have to do is to stay in front of the mask, which is placed like a lamp, and let the light work for 12 minutes.

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Regain a healthy glow

At the end of the treatment, the skin is luminous and the complexion has regained its radiance. This immediate radiance is transformed into a lasting anti-ageing benefit over the course of the sessions, which can be offered twice a week for 4 weeks. With its exceptional capacity to regenerate the skin, the Ove mask boosts the effectiveness of Dior’s skin care routines. It can thus complement the action of other skincare tools developed by Dior: micro abrasion with sapphire crystals, which acts on the skin’s cellular regeneration, and micro-peeling, which aims to restore the skin’s radiance and glow.

A new complementary tool to Dior skincare to be discovered exclusively

By partnering with Lucibel to offer the Ove mask exclusively at the Dior Spa Cheval Blanc, and soon in a selection of its spas and cabins, Dior is anticipating the future of beauty. By combining its know-how and scientific research with innovative technologies, the company is once again demonstrating its visionary spirit, placed at the service of beauty excellence.