Vue du futur So/ Paris.View of the future So/Paris.

The veil is beginning to be revealed on the future So/Paris. The lifestyle arm of Sofitel, the upscale hotel is part of the Morland Mixité Capitale project. Led by Emerige, one of the major players in the Paris of tomorrow, the complex aims to rehabilitate the Cité administrative on Boulevard Morland. Designed in the early 1960s by the architect Albert Laprade. Previously closed to visitors, it has now been redesigned by David Chipperfield and CALQ Architecture as a place to live, play and work. Crossed by a lively and attractive street, the place is being transformed with a dozen spaces open to Parisians and tourists, including a 162-room hotel on the banks of the Seine, expected in the coming weeks and completely in keeping with the innovative tone of this redesigned place.

The So/ brand was not yet represented in Paris, but its trendy spirit had already spread around the world, in Auckland, Bangkok, Saint Petersburg or Vienna, with artistic directors such as Christian Lacroix, Karl Lagrefeld or Vikttor & Rolf, who guaranteed its avant-garde positioning. For its entry on the Parisian scene, several personalities have bent over its cradle such as Neïl Beloufa, Thomas Fougeirol, Olafur Elíasson or the Other Spaces Studio, while, on the fashion side, the wardrobe of the SO/Paris teams has been entrusted to the rising star of fashion Guillaume Henry, artistic director of the Patou house

. Le restaurant-bar-club Bonnie, un concept de Paris Society.The restaurant-bar-club Bonnie, a Paris Society concept.

In addition to its 140 rooms and 22 suites with a view, located between the 7th and 14th floors of the building, the So/Paris will have lively spaces in the image of the brand, including a new restaurant-bar-club concept proposed by Paris Society, the Bonnie. On the relaxation side, SO/Paris will offer an urban wellness experience in partnership with French natural skincare brand Codage. In addition, guests will also have access to the large fitness room and swimming pool of the Morland Mixité Capitale complex. The So/Paris will also have a business dimension with 200m2 of meeting space, including four modular rooms with daylight. Note that the bar and club are also available for privatization to create customized events.