L'accueil en Business Première, un des services de la SNCF pour reconquérir les voyageurs d'affaires.. Business Première reception, one of the SNCF’s services to win back business travellers.

Worried before the summer about the return of business travellers on its TGVs and Intercités, the SNCF is now rather reassured, even optimistic, based on the observation of traffic in September 2021. ” 60% of business travellers with a Pro fare are travelling again . This figure even rises to 75% if we take into account very small companies. And more and more companies are telling us that their employees will be travelling between now and the end of 2021, particularly for trade fairs

“, says Alain Krakovitch, Director of Voyages SNCF. Other favourable signs according to a study presented this morning on the sidelines of the IFTM Top Resa tourism trade show: 72% of companies that have resumed travel recommend using the train as a priority.

In fact, only a third of companies still apply travel restrictions. And the systematic use of videoconferencing is only used by 5% of companies, compared to 20% before the summer. ” Companies will increase the number of their business trips over 200 km by the end of 2021 ,” says Alain Krakovitch. It should be noted that this recovery also affects international connections with “the first full trains at Thalys and Lyria “. And the manager adds: “ the growth of business customers is also there at Eurostar, even if there is more ground to regain here


Alain Krakovitch anticipates a drop of only 10% in business traffic for the year as a whole compared with 2019, compared with a 20% drop anticipated in the spring. A return to the levels of this reference year is now expected ” from 2023 or 2024

“. In many companies, the Covid crisis has also accelerated over the last 18 months the choice of the train as a compulsory mode of transport for trips of less than three hours. To help them make this choice of sustainable mobility, the SNCF is going to offer companies an individualised carbon assessment. A

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good start for the Annual Telework Package

To get business travellers back on the train, the SNCF has spared no effort. A promotion is still running – until 18 October – on the Liberté card, offered in BtoC at €299, compared with the usual €399 (€269 compared with €379 via travel agencies). Some 40,000 Liberté cards have been sold since the start of this sales operation. The SNCF has also recorded good results for its new Annual Telework Package, which was taken out by 3,500 business travellers in one month. This package allows you to make 250 journeys from Monday to Thursday and benefit from a discount on the price of the ticket.

This is a 40% reduction compared to the traditional Annual Plan. The latter has “only” 5,000 users left, with 2,000 having chosen to switch to the Telework Annual Plan.

More services to compete with the future

In order to prepare for the arrival of Thello (or its parent company Trenitalia) by the end of 2021, the railway company is also improving its Business Première services on the Paris-Lyon route. The programme includes the gradual arrival of Océane trains on the network, a corner in the Business lounge at Paris-Lyon station, rapid access to the TGV, a welcome drink on board, a renewed press portal and catering on the spot with reservations. This “response” will be unveiled in more detail on 19 October by the carrier. ” Our competitors will not have the frequency and therefore the flexibility that the SNCF can offer its business customers “, the Voyages SNCF director wants to reassure himself. As part of this containment strategy, the SNCF also intends to launch a Premium contract that will complement the current Pro and Key Account contracts.