Un design en mode sombre, moins énergivore, pour l'application SNCF Connect qui sera lancée en janvier prochain. A darker, more energy-efficient design for the SNCF Connect application to be launched in January.

One app instead of two, one website: the SNCF is simplifying its digital relations with its customers. This change was expected by passengers, and was already mentioned by the company a few months ago. It will take shape with the launch of SNCF Connect in January. This new digital service, designed by the SNCF subsidiary e.Voyageurs and developed using cloud and open source technologies, will firstly merge the functions already offered by the Oui.sncf app and the SNCF Assistant.

This means that you will no longer need to book tickets on one side and go to the other to check train times in real time: all services – route search, ticket purchase, subscriptions, passenger information, exchanges and cancellations – will be grouped together in a single interface.

Through SNCF Connect, in addition to organising travel, passengers will also be able to find all their tickets for trips on the TGV INOUI and Intercités, as well as OUIGO, and companies serving neighbouring countries such as Thalys, Eurostar and TGV Lyria. The company also states that ” OUI.sncf customers will be able to find their current reservations on SNCF Connect thanks to their Mon Identifiant SNCF customer account“. For travellers, the app should be more personalised, with customised information and real-time traffic alerts ” sent if the user wishes


Daily journeys, those made on TER, Transilien and other public transport in the Ile-de-France region as well as long-distance buses are also naturally part of this migration to a single app. In line with the SNCF’s promise to connect its customers ” to the essentials, for smooth, clean and stress-free travel throughout

France”, the app will offer transport itineraries in 100% of France’s major cities.

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Like the SNCF Assistant today, SNCF Connect will integrate clean and shared mobility offers such as carpooling, bikes and scooters, taxis and VTCs. All of this will be accompanied by an indication of the CO2 emissions of each journey to help you make responsible travel choices. ” Eventually, soft mobility will be offered on 100% of the routes.

uests“, says the SNCF. This sustainable ambition is also reflected in the app’s design, with the choice of a darker, less energy-consuming mode, without penalising reading, with the use of midnight blue as a background colour combined with pop colours for the main information.

With SNCF Connect, we want to simplify and facilitate travel thanks to digital technology, and create new digital standards,” said Anne Pruvot, Director General of e.Voyageurs SNCF. For his part, Christophe Fanichet, CEO of SNCF Voyageurs, explained the strategic aspect of this digital evolution: “In a rail transport marketthat is opening up to competition, our ambition is to increase the number of passengers by making SNCF Voyageurs the benchmark rail company. To do this, we need to be ever simpler for passengers, making life easier for them in their journey from start to finish. ”