Ecran d'accueil du nouveau site SNCF Connect. Home screen of the new SNCF Connect website.

Last night, SNCF Connect was launched, a new digital application and a new SNCF website designed to meet all the mobility needs of travelers, including, of course, rail travel. If the website is still operational, Ouisncf web customers are now redirected to the new website with a surprising black background, just like the application. The objective of the railway company is to make its customers want to travel by train again, while the Covid-19 epidemic has severely impacted its traffic

, and to attract new travelers in order to double the share of rail transport in France, i.e. 20% by 2030. Digital sales are expected to rise to 6.5 billion euros in 2025, compared with 4.3 billion last year.

SNCF Connect is an application for all travelers, whatever their journey, wherever they are, with the ambition of offering a simple digital solution with the best fares

,” said Christophe Fanichet, CEO of SNCF Voyageurs. The project took a year to develop and involved some 300 people from SNCF teams and French Tech startups. The tool was tested by 4,000 SNCF customers and employees over several months.

A constantly evolving application

Thanks to artificial intelligence, 100 million itineraries are available on SNCF Connect, the tool incorporating the offer of various existing applications. Passengers can plan, buy and exchange tickets on the TGV Inoui, Ouigo, international companies in which SNCF is a shareholder (Eurostar, Thalys, Lyria, etc.), TER and Intercités. As usual, customers will be able to buy and renew their regional cards and season tickets, as well as order a cab or rent a car. Local services are also available to recharge their Navigo pass and buy Ile-de-France Mobilité’s dematerialized tickets (T+ tickets). ” We offer the best of both long and short distance travel

,” says the CEO. It is thus possible to issue “door-to-door” travel requests between 400 cities, even if the traveler cannot buy all the tickets required for the trip.

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There are also a few new features to make life easier for users, such as the possibility of paying for several tickets at once by placing them in a single box.

nt in a virtual shopping cart. The application will be regularly enriched with new payment methods (Paypal, Apple Pay) and, first of all, dematerialized vacation vouchers. New offers will also be added, such as free-floating bike and scooter rentals in major cities and, internationally, Ouigo reservations in Spain, where the SNCF has launched against Renfe in 2021. “There will be no competing offers to SNCF in France,” said Christophe Fanichet. There is no question of selling Trenitalia or other future rail operators who will be running on its turf.

TGV Inoui Pro services to be included on SNCF Connect

Business travellers using Business Première or Pro 2nd tickets will find all the elements of their travel policy previously available on the TGV Inoui Pro app, including their favourite maps and routes, subscriptions and loyalty programs. Personalized offers are added, such as the “express return” if the passenger has booked a one-way ticket without picking up a return ticket. Information is obviously still sent out in the event of a disruption or a change in train configuration, for example. The exchange of Thalys and Eurostar tickets should be improved in the future. ” It may remain complicated depending on the ticket price“, admitted David Nedzela, SNCF Connect customer director.

However, the other applications developed by the SNCF will not disappear overnight. ” SNCF Connect replaces all and none of the applications,” said Anne Pruvot, General Manager of the SNCF Connect & Tech subsidiary. She added: ” SNCF is intended to become the single point of entry for all travel with the SNCF. However, users have acquired habits with certain applications that will continue. But all the services they offer will be included in SNCF Connect. Passengers will thus be able to keep the practices and habits they have acquired on TGV Inoui Pro“. As a reminder, the Ouisncf application has been downloaded 23 million times and the SNCF Assistant 16 million times.