The clowns of Slava’s Snowshow will make an exclusive stop at the Futuroscope from July 12 to August 28, 2022. Mixing poetry, farce and great effect, this show

offers a wonderful, funny and tender journey into the snowy imagination of the famous Russian clown Slava. Extraordinary!

A unique show

Slava’s Snowshow

“, known worldwide for its originality, is one of a kind.

Because the border between the stage and the hall is purely fictitious, like everything else. It is a visual and aesthetic experience full of surprises, where soap bubbles, giant spider webs and dreamy green creatures follow one another… culminating in an indescribable blizzard that overwhelms everything in its excess and wonder. Assiyai, a melancholic and hairy clown in a yellow jumpsuit and red slippers, invites the audience into incredible adventures where dreams and magic mingle in the sketch. A disturbing and moving experience that everyone can use as they please, the great strength of pantomime lies in its poetic added value.

45 dates at the Futuroscope

” It

is a fantastic universe that resonates perfectly with the Futuroscope . Imagine a stage transformed into a giant playground, whimsical and colorful, an unparalleled magic that blends music, pantomime and drama ,” says Rodolphe Bouin, chairman of the board of directors of the Futuroscope theme park

. All the senses are awakened, allowing the public to immerse themselves in the soul of a child. This summer, Futuroscope has scheduled shows on 45 dates, with up to two shows per day.

New show room

Located in the park’s parking lot and accessible to non-visitors, the show will take place in the new Arena-Futuroscope room, a theater configuration of 1,500 seats. The best conditions to live all the emotions of this extraordinary show

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Ticket reservations

Certain ticket offices, excluding Futuroscope tickets, or at the ticket office. More information on open reservations and prices will be communicated later on

Since its creation in St. Petersburg in 1993, Slava’s Snowshow has become a worldwide reference for clown shows. From Hong Kong to Sydney, from New York to Paris, the show has been performed in hundreds of cities around the world and has won 20 of the most prestigious international theater awards, including the Lawrence Olivier Award, the Drama Desk Award, the Triumph and the Golden Nose.

Slava’s snow show photos

Slava’s snowshow photos