Today, we’re going to make a point. Because until now, I’ve been nice, not really understanding what was going on but now I’m fed up… And that’s nothing to say. If you follow us on Instagram, you know some of our history, including our injury that pitted us against Similarweb and Cision

. I hesitated for a long time to write this article but I’m going to do it out of a duty of honesty to you. Similarweb’s bastringue statistics

A promising career

I’ve been a journalist by trade since 2003 even though I started my professional career much earlier as a correspondent at La Dépêche du Midi and Midi Libre. I went to a journalism school (IUT de journalisme) and then I went to the DOM TOM to work for France Télévision in television. After that, I came back to France to work at Centre-Presse before joining the Web world with a two-year experience at Yahoo and a year at Google

in the USA. So many experiences that should have helped me. Well, actually, not so much. Let me explain!

Creating a website


lost my grandfather and that was my return to France. I did some regular freelance work for Figaro Madame and Figaro Magazine. And that’s where it gets difficult. At first I thought that I couldn’t find a permanent job because I was no longer on the agenda. That I had cut myself off from the professional world… And, in fact, not at all! Then, as I’m not the kind of person to sit around and do nothing, I decided to create with Jet-lag-magazine.

com. It turns out that the web has become my job 100%.

Professional practice

The reality of my professional practice is more complicated than it seems. For that, I will tell you some anecdotes. The journalism world is much more complicated than it seems. Because there are few places and therefore few chosen ones. And it’s a prestigious profession, a galvanizing profession, under constant pressure. So it’s true that when the web arrived, it caused a real wave of upheaval from which all media are still suffering. One after the other, sites were founded to try to regain visibility, a second wind in a way

kind. Often, these same sites were not well structured and could not generate visits. I knew all the subtleties of SEO from my experiences at Google and Yahoo.

Showing something else

At the beginning, Jet-lag-trips was an opportunity for me to show something else. To talk about the trips I had done… Then very quickly, the communication managers contacted me to invite me to some events. Cool, to be invited and travel without paying a kopeck, isn’t that nice? Yes, I can confirm that. And then one day, a PR person in Toulouse invited me to visit a hotel and said: “I thought this might be interesting. And since you can write, I think you could do something.” To which I replied, “Why not? But you know I have readers too.” She laughed. In the flow of our conversation, I didn’t pay any attention. And then I was so happy to do a report…

Complicated relations with the communications department

Another communications manager invited me to another hotel and said: “You’re going to do a nice report for us. That’s good.” Cool! I go on a story, I come back home, I write the article and she thanks me but nothing more. I don’t really understand why, but never mind… A few days later, I see links to articles by competitors on the hotel’s website, but still no I prefer to laugh about it at the time and put it down to bad luck…

No big events

Another communication manager invited me by acquaintance for a press trip: “You write well so I thought of you! “Nice, isn’t it? Bis répéttita… I could also tell you about the communication officers of the big media offices like Pascale Venot etc… There, we are much less friendly: “We are not interested. Goodbye.” So be it. If you’re not interested, I have to accept it, right? I admit that I didn’t always understand these decisions for their lack of information. Others like Wellcom were even more blunt: “We don’t want to be posted with you. You’re too small to interest us!” Okay if you say so… But when you take a closer look at said com, it’s pretty mediocre. A few poor bloggers, one or two short stories… In short, nothing extraordinary. So you question yourself. Why the hell don’t I get invited? When I have the ideal profile, right?

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Not bankable?

Anyway, we had to face the facts: I wasn’t bankable. So be it. I accepted it 3/4 of the time, often taking the remarks badly because my visibility figures were good. I was average. I met other bloggers at the time who had the same numbers as me. Yet every time I wanted to participate in a big event, the answer was the same: “No, not interested. We have so many people who want to participate…” Gradually I had accepted the thing without imagining what I am about to tell you. The media world has evolved. Communications people don’t call you anymore, everything

is now done by internet or email. We are in the era of the Hashtag… Of webmarketing… Of exchange? No, none. So I stopped calling those pseudo communication managers who don’t know how to communicate. In short, I was angry, I was suffering but inside. I could list all the times my media Jet-lag Magazine has gone down the drain, there are so many… That it could pass for a joke except that it was not.

Fake data by Cision

And then recently, I decided to put the k

ibosh on

Jet-lag Magazine. Laurence Gremy, a journalist friend of mine, came to help me out and wrote some articles. When you work on a magazine, you’re 100% into your work. You have to choose a thread, tags… When at the end of the previous magazine, she tells me by email that our figures are catastrophic. I get angry and ask her for her sources, in fact I almost choke. Because Analytics gives me good numbers. I even have well ranked pages on Caribbean travel blog

. I admit I don’t really understand his remark. A few minutes later, I receive another email with the figures that Cision communicates to all the media in the world. We appear then with a sad figure of 1543 visitors… There, I almost fainted… In all sincerity. How can I get such visibility figures when a big SEO work is in progress on Jet-lag-trips and Jet-lag Magazine ?


In anger, I call Cision and they apologize for the damage they’ve caused. And the grail is when the person I have on the phone says, “I’ll give you the number for #Similarweb. They’re the ones who give us the stats. “I can’t contain my anger! “NO, it’s not my place to call when I see such errors. It’s not my place to waste time explaining to these losers what to do.” My caller then understands my anger and tries to calm me down by acknowledging the facts. “We must have caused you some harm, indeed.” Yes, I can confirm this and not just a little

Analytics data

I am angry because this apocalyptic situation has led to a chronic lack of confidence in me, that I am ruined because of YOU, #CISION and #SIMILARWEB. To prove my real numbers, I send him a slew of Analytics sheets, to prove my “good” visibility numbers. All this could have been settled without too much impact… But now, I can’t let them sully me, degrade me. Because the damage is colossal. Result: My interlocutor decides to delete my visibility figures which are false on my Cision file. I would like to point out that the communication has

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was recorded and will be evidence in court.

Similarweb, the data and statistics bastringues

As for #Similarweb, I still haven’t had the slightest sign from them even though they caused a lot of damage. Because inevitably when you get a resume, you take a look at what the candidate does. At least, I dare to think so. When you apply for a job in the web, the least you can do is to have a look at the candidate’s website. So obviously, when you see the visibility of a site with 1543 visits, it does not make you dream … What I understand perfectly if it were the real numbers. Except that the reality is quite different! You are 12750 visitors every month on jet-lag-trips and jet-lag magazine – Thanks by the way. You have been more numerous at times (17000 visitors at one time) but this is due to Google’s algorithms and the various updates.

The keywords searched for that bring us traffic according to the Google search console

Analytics data

Analytics data

I won’t mention the work of Similarweb, leaving no trace on your site. They even allow themselves to give you visibility and SEO advice… But how nice! They rudely say that they have no figures to communicate. Because they are unable to call and admit they are wrong, and say they just don’t know. But where it gets even funnier is reading the data they put in. You would be Russians and Americans reading this magazine! While according to Analytics (I worked on its design so I can only confirm the accuracy of the data that are provided by GOOGLE), you are more than 95% FRENCH! It’s probably due to my Russian writing mistakes, I’m not up to speed. #ZDRATVUITSE! Although I speak it.

Court decision expected

NO but what a joke. Did they call me before telling and delivering false information to their client ( because yes it is a paid service they give to their client)? Never in a million years! Did they have accurate information? At no time because I was never contacted by their service. This is what I deplore in this article: It’s the fact that they track you and leave no apparent sign of their passage on your site. As a result, it’s very difficult to find the source if there’s a problem – it took me 5 years to find out where this

problem. To me, it’s an infringement of my rights. That they should hunt me down, they have the right to do so. But for them to screw up so badly is not acceptable. So to conclude this long post, it will be up to the court to judge the damages. Two complaints will be filed soon in court for defamation against Cision and Similarweb, among others. I will keep you informed of the court’s decision.

False statistics

I’m currently fed up with this story. Because it is my work and my legitimacy to do it that have been violated. Today I have to file a complaint against big agencies that will have the means to drag out the justice system while I don’t have a single kopeck left. And, on top of that, I have to spend my life constantly justifying myself. I have nothing against being honest with my data, but I find it amazing that the people in charge of communication are not able to do their job properly! To call to propose a subject… To check the credibility of a site when statistics are false! I give my data to whoever wants to have it as long as we are serious. And to know how to recognize the editorial quality of a site.

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As an aside!

I am obliged for reasons of visibility to put forward this article therefore I will put some keywords so that the post is more visible!

Conversations with Cision:

I don’t mind being analysed all the time! Analysis and monitoring do not bother me therefore analyze the possibility, make screenshots, count the number of known visitors, Analyze in real time … So many data of Web Statistics that allow tourism professionals to know more about this site. Analyze the data, Analyze the statistics, Analyze the traffic, Make advanced analysis, study the behavior of visitors, this is what is called today the Digital marketing. To do this, nothing could be easier, you just need to have a google analytics account and do a web analysis.

Digital business

Because yes, analyze solutions, use statistical analysis tools, analyze more, get advanced segments, study the behavior of visitors, assign importance to each click, make a marking plan while using the behavior of the visitor has one goal: to be able to give figures of the monitoring of the campaign. Thus the analysis of the importance, the key performance indicators, the key performance indicators, the audience measurement tools allow to have statistics. For this nothing could be easier, just use analysis tools, the traffic of a site, the key performance indicators of web pages.

Find the right keyword

But having a fine analysis, it seems more delicate. The search engines can thus analyze the real, the failures, measure the audience of social media, make an analysis of the attendance in order to be able to pilot a marketing strategy. Because yes, the audience of a site, the sources of traffic are all data that allow to measure the attendance. But analytical tools allow to understand the workflow of a site and to analyze the performance. Morers key indicators exist: Segments, Shopping, Segmentation, Web analytics, Data science,

Generate traffic

The analysis of the traffic thanks to analytical tools allows to obtain key indicators, to collect relevant data which facilitate the decision making. Analyzing data, finding performance keys, creating alerts in SEO is normal. The site developer knows what to do for this purpose. Studying the number of page views, are all necessary data in business intelligence. Because it allows you to have a conversion rate, analyze the audience of WordPress, bounce rates … are all metrics of web marketing that can subsequently provide a boost in digital marketing to a product.

Performance statistics

The number of visitors, tracking all this information can be a huge issue. Your website, for example. For this, a database measure the metrics, bounce rates in order to anticipate the predictive impact of sales. The analysis of audience, dashboards can thus give a goal to certain keywords. Google analytics creates a reporting with an analysis of the data, which you can consult on the desktop of your computer. The digital audience then becomes a considerable tool in E-commerce in order to do monitoring.