Shein review: I placed an order for the first time! Like all clothing fans, I was tempted to place an order on Shein, the controversial website. At the beginning of March, I finally decided to order on SHE IN but it was so difficult because there are so many items and so many influences. In short, you will have as many options as possible.

Shein package

I finally cracked #weakness after seeing quite a few nuggets on Instagram.For this order, I wanted to buy 3/4 pieces. It had been a very long time since I had indulged myself. So I thought that buying a few pieces would allow me to renew my wardrobe. Just to see what it’s worth. So I selected 4 items. I might as well tell you that it was hard to contain myself. Because every time you open a page, you discover pieces that you might like. In short, I wanted to make a complete return on this site. Considering the price, it’s hard to resist because with each purchase, the site suggests you other possible purchases to make looks… The accessories that go well, the pairs of shoes without forgetting the swimsuits. Basically, you are encouraged to redesign your wardrobe. So this is the first time I’ve ordered from this site.

Shein woman

The She In site has been booming lately. It is especially popular with female bloggers. No, not just because of the affiliate links… I have to say there are a ton of ultra stylish pieces at more than affordable prices. There is actually an incredible selection for all sizes! Plus, they regularly offer promotions. So I was quickly tempted. You won’t find any logic to my purchase. But what do you want in mid-season, the difference of 20 degrees between morning and afternoon makes me crazy! Note, I didn’t buy any handbags… But I was hard on myself… Mainly I wanted to test the clothing part, especially to get an idea of the size. I pulled out the credit card and paid. I also think this is where you are most interested in the delivery time of the packages.

Shein Delivery

I will try to be as honest as possible. Generally, I have read that the delivery time is about 15 days, but it tends to be faster. In my case, I ordered it on Sunday at the end of the day and I waited a big week for my package to arrive. So I was pleasantly surprised! It’s a little longer than the average of other sites, but it’s still very reasonable. On the other hand, congratulations for the packaging in the package to Shein. Everything is very well packed. The advantage: Shein does not take you for a ride. They explain very honestly the deliveries and their delays. Which I rather appreciated.

Shein france

If you have any concerns, I recommend you follow the Shein France Facebook group which details comments and looks About the brand: The swimsuits caught my eye, the flowery dresses, the suits too… In short, so many ideas to renew a package. Just so you know, I was not paid in any way by Shein. So this is an honest review, as honest as possible. And not just a positive review.

Shein Size

Tip: Before you place your order, take the time to read all the customer reviews that rate the quality of the items. This allows you to know more about the fabric, the shape, the material.

Now let’s move on to the sizing. This was the trickiest part that had kept me from placing an order for a long time. I was afraid everything would be super small… Image and misconception. If your size is in between, always go up a size… especially if the item in question fits perfectly.

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In terms of length, the skirt goes to mid-thigh, even in sizes above. This is a big plus point for me as I often have skirt length issues. Finally, I want to say that with She In, you have to think like any other website. It will depend on the cut, the material…

Before ordering, I advise you to take the time to read the customer reviews, because you will also find wear pictures. This allows you to project yourself more. I think it’s a great concept. It really helped me make a decision. Otherwise, you can measure yourself and rely on the size guide, but I personally didn’t use it. To place an order at She In, you obviously don’t have to be in a hurry. I spent a few whole hours there… Between the large choice of products, checking the photos from every angle, deciphering the product sheets, the fabrics, the colors… I’m the kind of person who’s rather complicated, and a pain. But for tops, jackets and dresses, there is not much to say about the size. As for the pairs of shoes, you’ll have to wait for the next order.

Shein Quality

In terms of quality of the items, we don’t expect anything crazy considering the price charged. Some pieces are made of delicate and slightly transparent materials, like the white tee and the printed dress. I was looking forward to it, but it didn’t change much from the ready-to-wear brands I’m used to buying. The finish is very good. I won’t lie to you. On the other hand, there are no items with bad seams or defects. I was really surprised by the quality of the materials, the fabrics are very well made. The quality is there and the price is so attractive that one should not be too fussy about the details: the cuts, the materials, the dimensions are not always perfect and can sometimes be badly made. Nevertheless, I didn’t see any apparent problem in the package so far. In fact, I was looking for outfits with different patterns. I have not had any bad surprises so far. The main advantage the large sizes have a complete section: curvy. The quality of the article is very correct, I did not have to return the article, I hope not to have

do it. So for a first time buyer, I was pleasantly surprised.

Shein Packaging


packaging arrived in good condition, each item is in a separate clear zipper bag.

Shein reliable or not

No disappointment, no items to return. They all match the picture, including the colors. In total, I bought 4 items for 60 euros!!!So much for planning to order more pieces for fall/winter. Even if I have a problem of conscience that torments me. The working conditions of the little hands that must not be top. I’m not going to lie to you: I’ve slowed down a lot… There were also a lot of hot swimsuits, accessories galore, pairs of shoes with a lot of sandals

… In short, there’s everything you need to rebuild your wardrobe or to make some good deals. also has a reward system where you can earn bonus points for each purchase, review or share on social networks. Know if you have any questions that you can contact customer service directly. On the site shein, suits, jeans, shoes, maternity clothes, I never had any problems, very responsive customer service.

Ordering on Shein, the good plan or not ?

It’s because I couldn’t find the midi dress of my dreams

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on reputable sites (Zara, H&M, Camaieu, Promod, Grain de Malice, Kiabi, I continue?) that I finally took a risk. And placed the first order on When I go online with the urge to store, this site often shows up in Google search results. But I noticed that it was in China, which didn’t inspire much confidence in me. Well, most of the clothes we wear in our daily lives come from China, or more generally from Asia. But buying directly from China was a bit scary, if I have to complain. So I placed my first order a dress for 15,42 euros. Thanks to the promo code, I get free shipping. I read that the dress fits perfectly, preferably one size above your usual size… Know that if a garment did not suit you it is possible that I return an item and the return is free and very simple via the site. Very fast delivery and easy return if it doesn’t fit (or if you can’t choose on the app).

Vetement shein

<img width=”600″ height=”799″ src=”image/svg+xml,” alt=”” data-src=”” />

A simple and easy to wear tee-shirt that offers a really nice fabric quality. I love it ! This blouse

is not really a blouse for me, it’s more of a light and super comfortable tee. Honestly, it’s ultra comfortable to wear. It comes in a transparent zippered bag.

I’ve been looking for a long time for an easy to wear piece that offers a modicum of class and I have to say that even though it’s white, this blouse

is very wearable, light, perfect for summer. As for the cut, it is long enough to hide the belly without being tight. Really a little wonder in my package. No regret to have bought it.

Shein Pants

Carrot cut jeans

! Yes, you are not dreaming! I dared to change my habits born from my meeting with Cristina Cordula who had analyzed me from every angle and who had advised me to wear only bootcut jeans. Except that the problem is that there are less and less of them in the stores. In short, it’s often complicated to find them. So there, I really needed an all-purpose jean. And I developed these last years, a big complex with the jeans in the stores. As soon as you’re 2 or 3 kilos overweight, the saleswomen usually have as much grace as a tank and allow themselves to come and give lessons like, the cut doesn’t fit you. In short, I have developed a real complex since then and I hate to go and buy myself a pair of jeans. Anyway, it is still that these jeans carrot falls wonderfully. It molds the buttocks but does not interfere with the movements. I am really happy with my purchase in my package. It was the only product that did not have a bag in the package.

Shein dress

<img width=”600″ height=”799″ src=”image/svg+xml,” alt=”” data-src=”” />

Last madness of the first package: A floral dress, I’m already a fan. But then, this floral dress

falls divinely. It is really light. In short, it’s the perfect style to put in your suitcase for the vacations. In fact, that’s why I bought it. When we go on vacation with Julien, I usually don’t like to take too much trouble with what I wear. So a dress is usually an opportunity to wear a light piece without taking the trouble. I can guarantee you that I’ll wear this one…

Shein delivery time

In concrete terms, the delivery is faithful to the order. I was really surprised when I opened my package. Everything was very well folded in separate pockets. Well, that’s a lot of plastic but not big boxes. I would say that you can go with peace of mind. The trap, in my opinion, is to become addicted to these little packages. With all the notifications and promotions they give you, it’s hard to resist. However, I put a financial limit on myself for my conscience. So even though I had to wait a week for my clothes

to arrive in my mailbox, I didn’t have to pay extra for delivery. Worldwide delivery! If your package was not a good fit, you should know that the return shipping is free if you ever need to return your order. Refunds are done very quickly.

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Comment Shein

From what I’ve read, on other blogs, you have to post a lot of comments to get bonus points. Reviews are posted instantly and without moderation with a promotional code system.

My conscience issues:

  • pollution: Is it really reasonable to order from China? Except that when we look closely at the labels of the products we buy in France, 90% of them also come from China
  • Working conditions: I have read a lot of articles on the subject. And we are not going to lie, it is clear that the brand should not offer high salaries and working conditions of patients. At the same time, are H&M or Zara as beautiful as they say? I highly doubt it.

In the end, I ordered but I don’t know if I will recommend… I will keep you posted in any case.

Is shein a reliable site?

Contrary to what you read on the internet, SHEIN is a reliable brand, so you can buy on the site safely. Every time, there must be detractors.

Where is shein based?

Shein is a Chinese fashion site that has quickly established itself for its low prices. You have to ask yourself some questions when you buy on Shein: do you care about the working conditions of the Chinese? And is the environment a problem for you?

me? For my part, as mentioned above, it’s really these two axes that will slow me down in my buying frenzy. But let’s just say that after 5 years without buying anything, I’ve recently decided to buy some clothes to try the experience.

How long does it take to get a shein order?

Roughly, they told me it would arrive in a week and a half and it arrived in a big week. So no extra delay. They told me that it would arrive in a week. So I received my package on time. Normally, SheIn takes 3-7 business days to process your order and then 6-8 days to deliver it. Okay, so for me, the order processing was fast and so was the delivery. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have much product.

Why is shein so cheap?

The site offers unbeatable prices because the manufacturing costs in China are extremely low and there is no middleman between you and SheIn.

Why is shein bad?

I would say that the trap of shein for my taste is to constantly push you with its promos to push you to consume. Once you know that, you avoid going there so you don’t end up with too many clothes. Overconsumption is not good.