Quentin Arnoult, Marketing Director ShareGroop

Founded in 2015, ShareGroop is a young French start-up that offers flexible payment solutions for the purchase of services, mainly in the field of tourism and transport. Some explanations on the role ShareGroop plays and the possibilities of using this shared payment tool by SMEs by Quentin Arnoult, Marketing Director.

What is the history of ShareGroop’s development in France? What does France represent in the group’s activity?

Quentin Arnoult – ShareGroop was created in 2015 after our CEO was unable to buy rugby tickets online for himself and friends due to a lack of sufficient finances to advance the funds. By the time we had raised all the money sufficient to pay for the tickets, the seats were already sold out! This gave him the idea to create a shared payment solution. And which, as of 2017, has been integrated by major partner accounts. Today, we count Air France, Accor, SNCF, Transavia, UCPA or even the Pierre et Vacances residences.

What are the principles of this solution?

First of all, we don’t work directly with the public but via the e-commerce sites of our partner customers. More than 30 payment modules are accessible via a single integration. They help to make the payment process easier for customers online, a crucial step in the user experience.

What types of payment are offered?

In fact, our goal is to offer any type of fragmented payment solution for services that are very often related to the travel and transportation business. This is for example the purchase of train or plane tickets, hotel nights or of course events. Shared payment goes in several directions. It is for example the possibility of paying in several instalments, a fairly classic formula. It reduces the problem of spending too much at once. We also offer shared payment between people. This avoids the need for advance payments and reimbursements.

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There is also the possibility of using several payment cards so as not to exceed the limit set by the bank on one card and have a payment rejected. These payment solutions are real levers for growth for our partners and for building customer loyalty.

What does France represent in ShareGroop’s activity?

France is obviously our first geographical market. But since 2019, we are looking to go international. We’re working on the Belgian, German and Dutch markets. We are intensifying our international development by assisting

We have a geographical coverage of our payments on 5 continents and more than 40 countries. Today, we have more than a hundred partner customers who integrate our solution.

Is there already a product more specific to corporate travel managers, with ShareGroop becoming the exclusive means of payment for business travel-related expenses or services?

As I mentioned earlier, ShareGroop only exists through its partner customers. We are not a stand-alone service provider. Nevertheless, our shared payment tools can be perfectly used by SMEs. The “Group Service” module facilitates the organisation of groups of more than 10 people and allows, for example, the business travel manager to follow the payment of the participants from a page dedicated to him.

With multi-payment, the members of a business trip pay their share and each is free to add a supplement without impacting the others. Finally, the sending of secure payment links by sms, email or any other channel makes it easier and faster to validate and pay for a quote.

How is the market behaving since the Covid-19 crisis?

I must say that the Covid crisis has had a definite impact on our activities. It has given us the opportunity to diversify our solutions in order to respond to our partners’ new problems. For example, we have worked on the responsible payment aspect, a concern that has developed significantly during the pandemic. We offer our partner clients the possibility of associating a payment with a more responsible act. Like the “rounding up” solution on a sum to be paid. It’s up to our partners’ customers to choose.