The wine of Saint-Chinian bears the name of the land from which it comes. At first sight, it is difficult to give it a precise location. However, we are quickly told where it comes from. ” You see between Carcassonne and Narbonne? It’s over there, we’re not even two hours from Toulouse. ” As if to reassure us. More precisely, the AOC Saint-Chinian is located near the commune of Saint-Chinian, between Béziers and Saint-Pons-de-Thomières and covers an area of 3,300 hectares, for a production of about 135,000 hectolitres per year, mainly in red and rosé. But there is also a light white wine produced here. A Mediterranean climate wine production

that offers much more than just a bottle. Renowned for its natural sweet wines, discover the wines of the Saint Chinian Cooperative. Saint Chinian : un vin et un territoire à découvrirSaint Chinian : un vin et un territoire à découvrirSaint Chinian: a wine and a territory to discover

Saint Chinian: A fertile soil

The soil is divided into two sectors by the courses of the Orb and Vernazobre rivers: schist and sandstone dominate the north, while in the south it is clay-limestone soils that are most present. “We have grape varieties dominated by sirah, grenache noir and mourvèdre. ” These grape varieties are associated with carignan for the red wines and cinsault for the rosé wines. But the real specialists will feel the pleasure. Clearly, I am not a wine specialist. I can tell you if it’s good or not. But my skills will stop there at first sight. So I preferred to work with a sommelier, a specialist in appellation, Thomas Le Duigou. ” It’s a great wine that tells its story through its harvests. A fruity wine in general, supple with present tannins. A wine that is easy to share. What do you think of it?

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Wine Production

As I slip the glass to my lips, I feel intimidated. Yet very quickly, the apprehension to answer this question disappears as I taste its flavor. ” It’s very good. No acidity in the mouth. Strangely, you don’t feel its full history. Without being a young wine. I think it’s actually round, ” because I would learn in the course of

I was told at this tasting that this wine is produced by a hundred or so producers. Then, very quickly, I am handed a glass of white wine. Because here, people like to share. Just like this generous wine, ” the white wine vintages will be rarer because of the frost we had recently. But the red wine, we have enough to last for a few years…”. Precisely, how long will we have to keep these bottles? Thomas answers me easily. ” We have some beautiful vintages, with wines from 10 to 20 years old. We have accessible prices with a good bottle of Saint Chinian around 10 €.

Saint Chinian renowned for its wines

In fact, it is a wine of terroir that carries all its wine domain, produced wines, these table wines that offer quality wines of a certain roundness with pronounced aromas. These AOC wines are a sure way to discover these wine regions that we know more by name. It is difficult to speak of grand cru when talking about Saint Chinian. However, this wine from France, more precisely from the South West, offers a freshness in the mouth, with those tannins that express themselves. This is the land of vine cultivation, 45 years of working these vineyards in the wine region for these wines of controlled origin. Local wines that express all the harshness of the world of vines, of these soils, these hillsides that give birth to great wines from which the wine making is derived.

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Cultivation of the vine

For me, it will be a French wine that offers its relief with spontaneity. A simple and discreet wine that offers all its flavour generously. A wine that has nothing prestigious about it, but that ensures a continuity of know-how. And as it is a wine that can be shared generously, we invite you to come and taste it at its place of production. ” You must come and see theart in the cellar. If you say so… Then we wonder what this initiative is all about. “It’s a great idea from the Saint Chignian cooperative cellar. Until then, they had concrete vats, nothing really beautiful, some were old. Then they had the wonderful idea of asking artists to paint a vat to give a real added value. As a result, Art en Cave can be visited and you can discover all these vats that have been reworked. In addition, there is a 1500 bottle Saint-Chinian vintage in the image of the vat. As for the artists, we find Laura Chaplin, Aurel, Miss Tic, Kashink and many others. Their theme is to honour this vineyard, in their own way. «

Saint Chinian, a land of wines

A real added value for the oldest vineyard in the world ” according to Muriel Milhau of theTourist Office. ” A destination off the beaten track that offers beautiful vineyard landscapes, great wines, and the best of the best. spaces, the small villages as before, then no doubt you will have to pass by Saint Chinian. “With its 17 hiking trails, Saint Chinian is truly the wine destination, very slow-tourism, par excellence. ” It is in autumn that you should come. Because there are no more summer crowds and the landscapes are superb with their autumn colours. “A land with an identity marked by these winegrowers who tirelessly work the red gold by hand.