Venice-Marco Polo airport will be almost deserted by June 2021 (Photo: LC)

And that’s three! After Verona and Treviso in the Veneto region, Ryanair has just announced that it is opening a new base at Venice-Marco Polo airport, the closest airport platform to the City of the Doges.

The carrier will inaugurate this base for the 2022 summer season with three Boeing 737MAX aircraft. This means the launch of 18 air routes. The ultra low-cost airline will operate 160 weekly flights for a total of 24 air routes.

With the airports of Venice-Treviso and Verona, Ryanair says it offers a choice of 86 routes in the Veneto region. This makes Ryanair the leading airline operator in this region of northern Italy.

From Venice-Marco Polo, Ryanair will launch four weekly flights to Marseille and two weekly flights to Toulouse. Both routes will be operated during the summer 2022 season. They will complement the Treviso-Bordeaux route (2 flights per week) and Treviso-Beauvais (one daily flight). In addition, there are two routes connecting Brussels-Charleroi Airport with Treviso and Verona.

Treviso airport is 41 km away and Verona airport is 130 km away from the Santa Lucia train station in Venice.

Luc Citrinot