Michel Sarran invites himself into the kitchen of Marmiton. Michel Sarran, the two-starred chef from Toulouse, invites himself into the everyday kitchen of the French and revisits the simple and tasty recipes of Marmiton in a new book published by Michel Lafon! A great gift idea to give to the most gourmands!

Everyday cooking with a twist!

Croque-Monsieur, duck confit, foie gras terrine, chocolate cake will no longer hold any secrets! Former Top Chef Michel Sarran revisits everyday Marmiton recipes for guaranteed happiness on the plate! Basically, it’s an opportunity to learn about theart of a starred chef who manages to improve these everyday dishes to make them into dishes that would be on the menu of a gastronomic restaurant like Michel Sarran’s. Around this, the desire to propose, suggest and share as much creativity in French cuisine. Pleasure, sharing, conviviality and originality, this is the very definition of cooking according to Michel Sarran, who had fun proposing dishes that are easy to prepare at home and that can be twisted to impress guests in no time!

Beautiful photos

Leafing through this book of gourmet recipes will make you want to return to your kitchen. Cooking for the whole family is what the great chef wanted with these gourmet recipes. Basically, through this book of delicious recipes, the great chef opens anyone’s fridge. It’s a crash course in cooking that you’re about to take. Burgers, delicacies, the basics of easy cooking between salty and sweet are proposed to learn to cook like these great chefs.

A cookbook

This is one of the best cookbooks we’ve read since the dawn of time because it highlights easy cooking, classic recipes with seasonal products. Nothing pretentious and you can still impress young and old with these new recipes. Many of the recipes highlight homemade food, the simple gestures that will allow you to make a delicious and healthy meal. Your favourite omelette can take on gastronomic accents thanks to the advice of one of the most popular chefs on the small screen.

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French cuisine in the spotlight

In this issue, quick recipes are also highlighted: Carrots, Fruits and vegetables, Savoury recipes, Cake, Shrimps, Cocotte, Cocktails, Quiche… Traditional recipes that will allow you to excel by bringing theThis book is aculinary art to create gourmet recipes worthy of gastronomy. In this new book, quick recipes to prepare your future aperitifs with simplistic preparations and easy-to-make recipe ideas. No need for 20,000 utensils! No need for the latest food processor. Just have the right gesture at the right time, that’s how Michel Sarran considers cooking.

Healthy cooking

An aperitif, pies, cakes, ham to enjoy thanks to the recipe book of the chef. What to warm your taste buds with original flavors with new original and delicious recipes, recipes book. It will be tasty with this recipe book that differs from traditional cookbooks. Here, you will find easy and delicious recipes to cook. You can prepare small dishes, savory recipes, sweet desserts, pasta with these recipes. One of the beautiful books that highlights theart of cooking and gastronomy. You can go from soup to velouté by snapping your fingers, you can make different tarts, unique spoons. Recipes to be made with children with a simple children’s kitchen adapted to young cooks. Cakes and delicacies are to be found in this culinary book.

Concocting new recipes

Delicious recipes for the whole family, this is also what chef Michel Sarran wanted to show, to make the little ones want to play again and again. A great cookbook to help all levels of cooking, from beginners to the most seasoned. This simple and easy kitchen features unique products to make these delicious recipes: Zucchini, crumble, cauliflower, carrot, meats, peas, eggplant, soups, tomato, lentils, legumes beans, parmesan, muffins, strawberries,… Everything to eat well with healthy and simple recipes. Chef Sarran invites you to cook with you with simplicity with some recipes of pastries. No pretentious names, no outlandish ingredients, just the precision of the gesture and the art of mixing cooking tips to share good dishes. Essential and balanced basics that are essential for making a recipe from the book.

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Reworked everyday products

As a bonus, the chef’s favourite ingredients and techniques are revealed so that everyone can easily reproduce the revisited dishes in this original book step by step. Cooking like Michel Sarran is now possible with Un Chef dans ma cuisine and Marmiton! What we liked about this book is the quality of the visuals and the fact that there are no “exotic” ingredients. In general, in chefs’ recipe books, we always have unique products that cost u

n arm and which you will only use for the recipe you want to make. Not at all. It’s like inviting Michel Sarran into your kitchen.

By collaborating with Marmiton, I wanted of course to find this leitmotiv that cooking makes you happy.But I also had this desiré to enter everyone’s kitchen with a few simple recipes, while adding little touches that give them another dimension

,” explains Michel Sarran. Michel Sarran

A book to give as a gift

With its everyday recipes devised by the two-starred Chef, this unpublished book will undoubtedly be the most gourmet gift of the end-of-year holidays. It’s the gift we’ve been dreaming of

for the Christmas table… This book contains recipe ideas, the best recipes ever, and beautiful illustrations. This book contains recipe ideas, the best recipes there are, beautiful illustrations. Recipe ideas from dessert to appetizer without forgetting the traditional pasta or starters, legumes, recipes balanced in the whole.

This photo book is to be found in the Librairie gourmande.

The cookbook Un Chef dans ma Cuisine Marmiton invites Michel Sarran
Éditions Michel Lafon
on sale from November 4, 2021

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208 pages – 105 recipes
Format : 20 x 26,5 cm

Michel Sarran s'invite dans la cuisine du MarmitonMichel Sarran s'invite dans la cuisine du MarmitonMichel Sarran invites himself in the kitchen of Marmiton