Our vocation is to tell stories inspired by Great History. Such is the leimotiv of Nicolas de Villiers, President, scriptwriter and director of the famous theme park in Vendée. At the Puy du Fou, the message has always been clear: we prefer to bet on emotion rather than on rides. And the success does not falter, quite the contrary. Every year, the park benefits from a strong sympathy capital with the public. This summer again, the Puy du Fou, despite the health constraints

and the introduction of the health pass, attracted the crowds. The Indian summer has arrived: it’s now or never to discover or rediscover the park before its annual closure, scheduled this year for November 7th.

The little story of the big story of the Puy du Fou

What a long way we’ve come since 1978, the year of the creation of the Cinescénie. The beginning of a long and beautiful history in the Vendée. The Cinescénie is the biggest night show ever created, attracting over 13 million spectators to date. A colossal success, ensured in part by the unfailing support of thousands of volunteers. Every summer, a large number of them join the Cinescénie stage, a unique fresco. It retraces more than seven centuries of Vendée history through the destiny of the Maupillier family. All these volunteers are proud to tell the story of the resistance of the Vendeans against the partisans of the French Revolution.

Great shows in the park

Following the success of the Cinéscénié, the Parc du Puy du Fou opened its doors in 1980. And many shows have been created, year after year. So the theme park offers a phenomenal program of shows and attractions to attract many visitors. So it will be an opportunity to attend great outdoor shows, to see many attractions in one of the favorite theme parks of the French. The Leisure Park is full of thrills. Every year millions of visitors come to this densely populated theme park. An amusement park for the whole family which does not hesitate to fill up with novelties with breathtaking shows. You will have unforgettable memories in this kingdom of entertainment.

Cover image of video (hq definition)Cover image of video (hq definition)In the Puy du Fou arena

Come and experience these grandiose shows and other attractions and activities in this natural park where legends put on a show. But the adrenaline will only increase when the outdoor vultures join the show. Riddles, thrills and chills will have

Come and see this original creation by the pond. It’s full of panache and fun. The Herbiers and Knights will be the major attraction with beautiful costumes. Outdoor fun will then make sense without the effect of thrill rides. In spite of the covid, the attendance rates remained satisfactory. Young and old alike will enjoy this “fun destination” like millions of visitors every year. Worthy of the great leisure parks, the Puy du fou remains one of the favourite parks of the French.

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18 day and night shows are currently on offer at the Puy du Fou

Between two shows, the public has plenty of time to wander around the park. For example, don’t hesitate to visit the medieval town and the 18th century village to meet its many craftsmen.

Shows not to be missed: Our favourites

Two or even three days are necessary to enjoy all the pleasures of the park, without stress and at the rhythm of the shows. Like many visitors, and like us, you will even want to see some of them a second time.

The Sign of Triumph

How to relive the Circus Games in an incredible Roman stadium? We are all Gallo-Romans! As soon as they arrive in the Stadium, spectators are put in the atmosphere of the Circus Games. The trip back in time is immediate, to the great pleasure of children and parents. We are invited to share in the excitement that the Gallo-Romans might have felt at the Circus Games.

Wild animal fights, a parade of geese, vestal dances, gladiatorial fights and, of course, an impressive chariot race are on the programme. Four chariots race down the stadium’s track in a frantic race. Which gladiator will win the race? Will he be greeted by Julius Caesar himself, or thrown to the dogs?
It should be noted that four-horse races, which are very difficult to execute, are quite rare nowadays. Each horse has a specific place in the quadrille. And each driver trains his own horses. It takes about two years to bring them to the show. The horses are considered as high level sportsmen”, confides the person in charge of the show, Sébastien Monnereau.

Les Noces de Feu or the enchantment of a show on water at night

A fantastic universe for the most romantic of weddings. Musicians appear on water, under water, in the air… Simply amazing! We won’t tell you more. This is the magic of the show. Imagine the many technical feats that were performed to get there? Another story…

Le Mousquetaire de Richelieu : an adventure of cap and sword. Olà!

For all flamenco lovers… and everyone else! Comfortably installed in the Grand Carrousel theatre, under its balconies and mouldings, you will witness a romantic adventure punctuated by duels between musketeers. Before the final flamenco ballet and its equestrian prowess, on a completely flooded stage! A must-see attraction during the holidays.

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The Ghost Birds’ Ball or an aerial ballet of 200 birds of prey

More than 83 species of birds are on display.They parade in the sky of the Puy du Fou, twirling, flying over and brushing against the spectators, closer and closer. The memories of Princess Eleanor and her childhood friend Eloise come to life again. The fish eagle, the emblem of the United States, the bearded vultures, the Ural owl, the harriers, the kites and dozens of other birds of prey dance in the sky before joining the arms of their falconer.

The Vikings or the attack of the terrible warriors of the North

Vikings land on the Fort de l’An Mil and its thatched huts. Longships appear in the midst of the flames, come down the hill, and the fighting rages on. The villagers try to repel them to protect their land.

The Secret of the Lance or an incredible medieval ride

Here too, the special effects are numerous! The story takes place in the 15th century, at the end of the Hundred Years War. Fighting scenes, equestrian jousts, dungeons that turn on themselves and spit flames are all part of the Secret of the Lance program.

The Imaginary World of La Fontaine

The verses of the famous poet have been placed in a dozen groves, at the bend of a waterfall, behind a bush, near a garden of aromatic plants. The visitor can thus be surprised, discover or rediscover a dozen different fables. Le Monde Imaginaire is thus an outdoor show, where actors and animals bring to life the most famous fables of La Fontaine. In total, more than forty animals play the main roles in these 12 tableaux. Mini-fables told in the middle of nature, where you can have fun recognising more than 150 wild plants. Notice to parents with a passion for botany.

LE PUY DU FOU and the Cinema

Épique Studio: Films and TV series soon to be shot at the Puy du Fou?
The Puy du Fou team is bursting with ideas and never stops creating. A studio has even been created within the park, Epique Studio, in order to be able to use the park’s settings for filming movies and TV series. While waiting to produce its own series and historical films!
Will a series for Netflix soon see the light of day in the Puy du Fou? Shooting to be continued!

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The park has 25 bars and restaurants, 4 period villages, and 6 hotels in the Cité Nocturne.

Where to sleep during a visit to the Parc du Puy du Fou ?

Hotel Les îles de Clovis : A hotel made of Merovingian huts on stilts. Children love it. And at the restaurant, the history and the show go on.

Where to eat during a visit to the Parc du Puy du fou ?

Me Restaurant le Grand siècle : Its buffet offers a 7-course meal, as in the time of Louis XIV.

Discovery workshops are also available on reservation, for the guests of the Night City: Journey to the heart of falconry to discover the secrets of birds of prey with a falconer, The Horses of the feat, etc.

How to get to the Puy du fou ?

By train : From Angers TGV station

By plane : The airline company Volotea provides several flights to Nantes airport.
Nantes Atlantique airport will be your destination.

Transfers : Several

s transport solutions exist to reach the park, including a shuttle service from Nantes airport (1h15 from the airport). To be booked online on the Puy du Fou website.

Information :

Once at the Puy du Fou park, you can enjoy the entertainment, shows and performances. #puydufou
+33 (0) 820 09 10 10

Prices for entry to the park: Adult: Grand Parc one day: from 37 Euros on reservation (27 Euros /child from 3 to 13 years old included)

Practical information

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Discover the visuals

Plongez dans l'époque romainePlongez dans l'époque romaineDive into the Roman era Spectacle avec jeux de lumière sur l'étangSpectacle avec jeux de lumière sur l'étangShow with light effects on the pond Dans un restaurant au Puy du FouDans un restaurant au Puy du FouIn a restaurant at the Puy du Fou Les vautours font le show au Puy du FouLes vautours font le show au Puy du FouThe vultures make the show at the Puy du Fou Un spectacle avec des animaux et vautoursUn spectacle avec des animaux et vautoursA show with animals and vultures Au coeur du parc du Puy du fouAu coeur du parc du Puy du fouIn the heart of the Puy du fou park Des reconstitutions sur l'étang avec des villasDes reconstitutions sur l'étang avec des villasReconstructions on the pond with villas Un fauconnier et la bêteUn fauconnier et la bêteA falconer and the beast Le show continueLe show continueThe show goes on  spectacle son et lumières spectacle son et lumièresA sound and light show Les costumes vous plongent dans l'ambiance<img width=”1024″ height=”498″ src=”image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns%3D%22http%3A%2F%2Fwww.w3.org%2F2000%2Fsvg%22%20viewBox%3D%220%200%201024%20498%22%3E%3C%2Fsvg%3E” alt=”Costumes immerse you in the atmosphere” data-src=”https://www.jet-lag-trips.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/20210626_132720-1024×498.jpg” />The costumes will immerse you in the atmosphere Sur l'étangSur l'étangOn the pond Des panneaux pour vous plonger dans l'énigmeDes panneaux pour vous plonger dans l'énigmeSigns to immerse you in the enigma