SNCF“The health situation, constantly improving, allows us to lift the obligation to wear a mask in all transport, from Monday,” said Health Minister Olivier Véran

The news was expected by all, and especially business travelers used to long-haul flights: from Monday, May 16, the mask will no longer be mandatory for travel. ” The health situation is constantly improving, and we are lifting the requirement to wear a mask in all forms of transport from Monday onwards,” says Olivier Véran, before adding: ” It is still recommended, particularly for people who are vulnerable

. Trains, subways, buses: all daily trips are affected by this decision announced at the end of the Council of Ministers on May 11. But also business trips on a larger scale. Because air travel will also be exempt from the mask on a European scale.

Indeed, two European authorities communicated a few hours earlier on an equivalent decision concerning air travel: the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). Their joint statement served as an update on health security measures for air travel, dropping the recommendation for mandatory masks to be worn at airports and on board aircraft. “As of next week, face masks will no longer be mandatory for air travel, which is broadly in line with the evolving requirements of national authorities in Europe for public transport,” says EASA Executive Director Patrick Ky, ” For passengers and air crews, this is a major step forward in the standardization of air travel. However, passengers must behave responsibly and respect the choices of those around them. And a passenger who is coughing and sneezing should strongly consider wearing a face mask, to reassure those sitting nearby.” Coincidence of timing? Not really. Olivier Véran said on Wednesday: ” We are following the ECDC, which has just published this recommendation this morning, which is in line with what we ourselves were deciding at the National Defense and Security Council


AnAir France spokesperson contacted on Wednesday confirmed the news, adding: ” Air France has taken note of the government’s statements concerning the forthcoming lifting of the obligation to wear a mask in transport. Air France will comply with the legal provisions when they come into force. Its customers will no longer be required to wear a mask on board its flights, unless the country of destination requires it.