Parc Astérix : It’s almost Christmas. You couldn’t escape it! A new Asterix album has just been released in bookshops: Asterix and the Griffin. Let’s face it: at Christmas time, we want to keep our childlike spirit alive. So why not treat yourself to a trip to the park? After the big crowds of All Saints’ Day during the Halloween celebrations, the park has just put on its lights with these spectacular and unforgettable attractions. The great amusement park offers you an exceptional enchantment on the occasion of the end of year celebrations… The opportunity to spend the day in the famous amusement park.

For the festive season, the Asterix park has pulled out all the stops with inspired decorations and an ice rink in the sliding village. Toboggan runs are also available! This is our chance to come and discover the Parc Asterix in the early hours of the morning for this Gaulish Christmas. ” After the 14 tons of pumpkins for Halloween, we are offering 800 snow-covered fir trees, garlands and extraordinary shows…” explains Sébastien Retailleau, Deputy General Manager in charge of operations. We had to wait 5 days to see the decor of this Gaulish Christmas take shape. With the right to visit the biggest attraction of the Asterix park…

Theme park

Gaulish Christmas is fast approaching. So if, like us, you like thrills, take your place from the morning on Oziris and Pegasus Express, the park’s two flagship attractions. Forget about Zeus’ Thunder, the wooden roller coaster with a 1.2 km long course, which is currently closed for renovation. During the Christmas period, the theme park is organising shows and sliding activities among the 45 or so attractions in Parc Asterix. You can meet all the legendary comic book characters in the heart of the Christmas market. Open every day, you will be able to discover its real attraction, thrill-seekers will join the amusement park without a second thought. Between slides, trampolines, swings and other rides, the fun and sensational attractions will attract toddlers to adults.

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Unique leisure parks

Between new rides, strong attraction, flagship attraction you will have in heart to enjoy this park of amusement in family. Because what could be better than enjoying the playground and having thrills with these star attractions. In order to benefit from the premium conditions, we recommend that you buy a ticket with a ticket-cutter. This will save you time and allow you to fully enjoy these fun conditions. Worthy of the great national amusement parks (Disneyland Paris, Port Aventura, Futuroscospe, Vulcania…), this amusement park has a large number of attractions.There are many attractions to enjoy. So what could be better than to embark on this adventure with the whole family? The theme park has rides, strong attractions, slides, water attractions, roller coasters…

A family theme park

Parc Astérix offers 22 favourite attractions to share with the whole family. From the mythical Pegasus Express with its 1 km long course, to the whirling Discobelix embodied by Obelix. Not forgetting the latest 4D attraction: Attention Menhir: to be found at the Dogmatix Studios. With these rides and attractions (roller coaster with loops), the Asterix park offers entertainment in magical settings. An opportunity to increase your adrenalin! Like all theme parks, the park’s attendance has fluctuated significantly due to covid19. Millions of visitors are expected during the Christmas holidays. Between special effects and the world of fantasy, the theme park allows you to take in the sights…

Also to be discovered: Menhir Express, Romus and Rapidus, The Great Splat, The Oxygenarium, The Flight of Icarus, SOS Edifis, Caesar’s Spies, National 7, Caesar’s Challenge
, The Cauldrons, Epidemaïs Cruise, The River of Elis, The Hydra of Lerne, The Little Storm, The Little Drakkars, The King’s Horses, Caesar’s Carousel

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Live shows

For the occasion, the park is offering four additional shows planned for this period, featuring a brand new Gaulish Santa Claus, the circus arts, illusion and poetry. Many gourmet delights will be offered to visitors against a backdrop of traditional Christmas carols. Between the snow-covered menhirs, little slide fans can discover the world of “Tous en Piste” with 4 sledge runs and two ice rinks: one for children (150m²) and one for adults (400m²). It should be noted – and this detail is important at this time of year – that the site is entirely covered. Several thematic shows, from 15 to 25 minutes on average, will feature acrobats, dancers and magicians inviting you to travel and experience the magic of Christmas.

Among these shows:

  • Who Wants Santa’s Skin? A Christmas show on ice that takes place in the heart of Santa’s toy factory, at the Théâtre de la Joconde.
  • What a Circus! Acrobats and dancers transport visitors into the world of the circus. A show to discover in the arenas.
  • Chronos, Magic and illusions : a show that mixes magic and great illusions, at the Panoramix theatre.
  • L’Ile aux Vœux : a poetic night show on the lake will close the day for visitors, with light effects, fireworks and pyrotechnics.

And for New Year’s Eve?

On the occasion of Gaulish Christmas, the 3 hotels in the Parc Asterix offer visitors New Year’s Eve parties with a festive buffet and various activities. Staying in one of these hotels will be an opportunity to

asion to share a great moment with your family.
For more information on the Gaulish Christmas event, click here

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Prices: from 43 euros/adult, 45 euros/child.
Fast pass Filomatix recommended as the queues can be long on some of the major attractions


Discover the visuals

 NOEL_GAULOIS NOEL_GAULOISGaulish Christmas Parc Astérix : C'est bientôt NoëlParc Astérix : C'est bientôt NoëlParc Astérix: It’s almost Christmas le décor s'est transformé en un paradis blancle décor s'est transformé en un paradis blancthe setting has been transformed into a white paradise Le parc Astérix sous la neigeLe parc Astérix sous la neigeThe Parc Astérix under the snow Les attractions sous la neigeLes attractions sous la neigeAttractions under the snow Manger sous la neigeManger sous la neigeEating under the snow Le parc Astérix sous la neigeLe parc Astérix sous la neigeThe Parc Astérixérix under the snow