Salzburg in Austria is again under partial containment. (Photo: Luc Citrinot)

3G turning into 2G. This has nothing to do with the broadband frequencies of the internet. In Germany and Austria, to be able to come into the country and take part in daily life, you had to follow the 3G rule until now: Geimpfit (Vaccinated), Genesen (Cured) or Getestet (Tested).

But the resurgence of Covid cases in Central Europe has changed this. Austria has thus eliminated since November 8 the last “G” – in this case negative tests – to go to restaurants, hairdressers and certain public places such as museums, cinemas or theatres. This decision was taken in view of the resurgence of Covid cases in Central and Eastern Europe.

Austria is already thinking of tightening the screws further. People who have not been vaccinated would have to quarantine themselves except for the purchase of basic necessities. This rule would first apply in the Länder of Upper Austria and Salzburg. But it could be extended to the whole of Austria. The parliament is to consider the issue in the next few days.

In Vienna, the municipality is also talking about 2G+ rules. People attending clubs and events with large numbers of people will have to undergo a PCR test – vaccinated or not.

After Austria, Germany in 2G version

A similar strategy is also emerging in Germany, where vaccination is in full swing. The 2G rule now applies in the federal states of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Berlin, Hamburg, Hesse and Saxony.

However, there is more leeway for decisions than in Austria. In Berlin and Hamburg, for example, it is the restaurant or café owners who can decide whether to keep 3G or switch to 2G. In Saxony (Dresden and Leipzig region), on the other hand, the wearing of a FFP2 mask has become compulsory and the 2G protocol is imposed in the whole Land. The federal structure of Germany makes the rules even more complicated. They vary from region to region. But one thing is certain: non-vaccinated people are now more or less ostracized!

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Other countries are re-imposing quarantines for non-vaccinated travellers. This is the case of Lithuania and Norway. The list should probably grow in the next few weeks.