American Express GBT The Amex GBT Mobile application now integrates Neo to manage expense reports

The circle is complete: no less than five years after announcing theacquisition of KDS, American Express GBT can pride itself on becoming ” the only TMC to offer a proprietary mobile solution that brings together all [the] functionalities in a single application

“, as announced on 16 November. This means not only booking and managing business travel – and providing support in case of unforeseen events – but also managing expense reports. The business travel agency has just integrated the Neo solution into its Amex GBT Mobile application. NeoNeo uses OCR technology to automatically process expense reports.

In concrete terms, business travellers can now enter and declare their expenses from their smartphone while they are travelling. All they have to do is take a picture of their receipt: the optical character recognition (OCR) system does the rest, extracts the required data, and the expense can be automatically linked to the current trip. Invoices received by email in PDF format can also be processed.

Our goal is to create solutions that help our customers travel more efficiently while reducing constraints wherever possible,” reminds Raksa Ouk, vice president of digital strategy at American Express GBT. She continues: ” This means empowering them to manage all stages of a business trip from the tool they use most on the road – their mobile phone. To do this, we’ve combined real-time booking and travel assistance functions within the Amex GBT mobile application while adding the convenience and speed of the Neo solution


Florian Guillemin